Recipe For Chiropractic Practice Success – The top ten ingredients.

  • Don’t treat patients on the first visit. (Acute care is an exception)

  • Make sure every patient is multiple scheduled for the duration of their chosen treatment plan.

  • Cluster book multiple patients rather than scattering them across your day.

  • Have a yearly chiropractic marketing calendar, scheduling/planning for at least 2 internal promos and 1 external promo per month.

  • Strategically place referral prompts.

  • Publicly and privately reward patient referrals.

  • Visualize a busy practice with abundance, pray for it, write it, repeat it, and believe it.

  • Hold a chiropractic orientation/wellness class at least twice monthly. Make it a part of your recommendations to your patient. Close with an offer and call to action.
  • Never stop improving your technical skills, communication abilities, and loving service to your patients!

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Dr Tom Potisk

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