New Documentary – Doctored: My Review. Does it make the cut?

I just watched the new movie by Jeff Hays called Doctored: Exposing the Modern Medical Monopoly (formerly called Medical Inc). Mr Hays also holds credit for the documentaries Farenhype9/11 and On Native Soil.

This version I watched of Doctored is known as a ‘Director’s cut”  in Lombard IL. This was a preliminary and un-finalyzed version that timed out at approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

My family joined me for this pre-release screening. I make an effort to bring my family (my wife Susan, Andy 17, Emily 14, and Mike 12) to many of these type events because I enjoy observing their reactions and impressions. I also want them to learn more about my life’s mission/purpose, not to mention the truth about real health care. Overall they enjoy these adventures; although I’ve noticed it helps if I add a promise of ice cream. LOL!

So we walk into the screening room, and I’m immediately greeted by a gentleman who introduces himself and says he is part of the promotional team for the movie and that “We want to get more people into your chiropractic office.” I say “cool!”

We took a seat in the front row for a great view. The dozen or so rows behind us were filling fast. You can see some of my red-heads in the picture below on the lower right corner.

A well known chiropractic warrior –Gilles Lamarche DC (Parker seminars) gave a short introduction.

The health care documentary started with a brief but shocking review of the AMA anti-trust case resolved circa 1984. The old black and white clips of AMA villains like Doyle Taylor and Morris Fishbein were entertaining to me and eye-opening to my family. I’ve told them about that historic Supreme Court verdict ordering the AMA to cease their illegal boycott of the chiropractic profession, but this made it all the more real. My historical novel Sore Throat: Romance, Mystery, and the Near Annihilation of a Beloved Profession tells the dramatic story even better.

Next, dozens of brief interviews are shown with a variety of medical doctors, patients, chiropractors, pharmaceutical sales reps, and para-professionals spelling out the point of this documentary – that conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are essentially corrupt, doing more harm than good in many instances, and are suppressing legitimate, safe, and effective holistic/vitalistic practices like chiropractic.

The stories told are both alarming and shocking. The lessons are enlightening.

The beauty of this particular documentary is that a solution to the problem is made clear. The solution is that the public needs to have the right to learn the truth about what real health is, and then take more personal responsibility for their health. And this is exactly what I advocate and make easy to do in my chiropractic book and patient education handbook Wellness Wins: a Simple Guide to a Healthier, Happier Life. I wrote it for use in both work-place wellness programs, and for chiropractors to give to their patients. A related PowerPoint presentation is also available. I love helping chiropractors gain successful practices

My son Mike said “Hey dad, they should have asked you to be in the film.” I wish I could have been featured in this documentary. I guess they forgot to ask me. Sadly they left out what I’d have been happy to share – some of my favorite quips like:

“The real cause of most death is really suicide by poor lifestyle choices.”

“We need more self care instead of more healthcare.”

“We won’t stop being sick until we stop making ourselves sick.”

And my all time favorite “The only thing man ever really cured is a ham – real health and healing come from within as a gift from God!”

But go see this documentary anyway, and take your family, office staff, and your patients. Holistic doctors like Chiropractors should show the film in their offices and have a party (with healthy snacks of course LOL!) Buy many DVDs and give them out as gifts.

I give this film a thumbs up even without me in it.

In the mean time, go  ahead and use my clever quips; you won’t need to buy any popcorn 😉

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Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk

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