Medical Home: Where Does Holistic Health Live?

Medical home? Now there is a new term being used increasingly.

I first read those words on a billboard as I was driving down the highway about a month ago. It was an advertisement for a hospital/medical clinic, and it showed a friendly face, a short description of the person’s health problem and those words in big type at the top. I wasn’t sure just what they were trying to tell me, but the impression I got is that if one has that health problem, then one should go to that hospital. Kinda like it’s the problems home.

Very interesting!

Soon I saw those words again – Medical Home, this time as a headline in one of the many periodicals I receive as a doctor.

Then I began to read and  understand whats up with this new marketing method‘ – it’s a new marketing method. LOL!

Turns out the administrators of medical facilities want people to know that when they have a particular health problem, they should not just go to a medical facility, they should go to a medical facility that is more caring, loving, comfortable, and complete – like a home. Very clever! I’m all in favor of more personalized, coordinated and comprehensive service for patients. Doctors should give patient-centered care.

Its a good idea, but………

After checking some more details I found out the home is missing the proper foundation.

The foundation being the understanding that aside from emergencies, crisis, and life threatening situations, real health and healing comes from within. We’ve each been gifted by God with our own doctor inside of us. Even the world renowned medical missionary doctor and Noble prize winner Albert Schweitzer said:

“Each patient carries his own doctor within him. The patients come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor that resides within each patient the chance to go to work.”

This concept of having an  inner healing ability, and giving one’s inner doctor what it needs is what holistic wellness is all about. These medical homes have little if any holistic care. Some claim to have it but either don’t use qualified holistic practitioners, or rarely refer patients to them.

Beware! Homes without proper foundations are risky. Most of them are crooked. If you’re going to have a home insist that it have a proper foundation.

There certainly is good evidence that holistic care, especially chiropractic, fits well as a cost saving and risk reducing alternative to conventional medical treatment alone. See the article –Outcomes-Based Contracting
The Value-Based Approach for Optimal Health with Chiropractic Services
, and The Role of Chiropractic
Care in the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Recently, a well respected group, The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), was rejected by the AMA upon attempting to inform the medical profession about the benefits of chiropractic in the Medical Home concept. Read Foundation Ad Turned Down by Medical Journals. Is that characteristic of medical practice management?

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