Are you a “likeable” chiropractor?

The consensus of experts is that “likeability” is an extremely important component of one’s success. This applies not only to political candidates but also Doctors of Chiropractic and their chiropractic practices.

The Washington Post and Fox news recently ran news reports about the likeability of the presidential candidates. NPR even featured an hour long radio broadcast named “The Presidential Race: Does Likeability Matter?

Are you likeable, Mr. or Ms. Chiropractor?

As I consult with and counsel DCs across the nation, I’ve become very aware of the significance of this personal quality.

You might already have guessed that one’s likeability by the public is very much related to one’s like or unlike of self. Sometimes it’s conscious and sometimes it’s subconscious.  This is often not easy to determine.  So, I developed a simple and free self-rating test that I call the Chiropractor’s Success Test.

This comprehensive series of questions is a great self-evaluation tool. DCs have been emailing me their scores, and I’m compiling them for rating one’s self against one’s peers.  The average score is highly surprising and I’ll be happy to share it with you, but I require you to provide your score (kept confidential of course) so that I can continue to increase the sample size and compile a more accurate average.

So, can one improve their likeability? I’m happy to answer with a resounding “YES”, and even more delighted that I’ve seen practices zoom and sore as a result.

How can you improve? I’ve developed a unique process. Here again I’ve made it as easy as possible, providing 3 simple and inexpensive solutions. I call it An Adjustment for a Chiropractor’s Head.

If you’re like most DCs you’ve been battling to build, grow, or perhaps even just maintain your practice. Don’t spend another moment, a dollar, or an ounce of energy on it without becoming more likeable. It’s a winning and proven strategy.

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Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk

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