The Joe Paterno Effect on Chiropractic Practices, 3 Crucial Steps For Your Survival

The Joe Paterno effect? You are likely wondering what that has to do with your chiropractic practice management and marketing.

The answer is – absolutely everything!

In case you are not yet familiar with Joe Paterno and why the nation’s news media is abuzz about him; let me briefly tell you. In 46 seasons as the head coach at renowned Penn State University, Paterno built a football powerhouse while touting academics and ethics. He was nationally known, respected, and glorified as one of the world’s best.  But a scandal ended his career prematurely. He allegedly took part in a cover-up of a sex crime by one of his employees. He was fired by the University in disgrace! Shame and public humiliation – that will be his legacy forever. A quick fall from success from just an accusation (even worse if he is found guilty) – that is the Paterno Effect.

It’s happened to many DCs (some have not even done anything wrong), and many more will fall in the near future because of the rapid ease of obtaining and spreading information – namely the internet.

You doctor, yes YOU, are more vulnerable to the Paterno effect than ever before. All it takes is one infraction levied by your state licensing board, a malpractice suit, an IRS conviction/judgement , or even just a negative comment published somewhere about you on the internet, and you are labeled forever! You are a walking liability magnet.

This does NOT have to happen to you. And you can help others keep it from happening to them.

There are 3 critical actions you must take immediately to save and protect the practice and reputation you’ve worked so hard to build and maintain. The reputation your community,  friends, co-workers, neighbors, colleagues, and especially your family is depending on. These 3  steps are likely the most important practice management and chiropractic marketing actions you’ll ever take.

I will gladly provide this easy-to-implement information to you, but I want our entire beloved profession to have the protection also.  So, all I ask is that you copy and paste the link for this page  that you are looking at right now and either tweet it, post it on your Facebook page, or email it to your DC friends. There are no tricks involved – I just want to help more of you. I bet you want to help our profession also.

After you’ve done that for the sake of your chiropractic colleagues – you may proceed to my blog page called: 3 Critical Actions DCs Must Take to Protect Themselves From the Paterno Effect.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk

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