Groupon or Coupons: 4 Unique Marketing Tips for Doctors

Groupon or coupons or any kind of advertising? “But I’m a health care professional and if I give excellent service then people will come from far and wide right?” Wrong!

Where is everybody?

Listen, I’ve been seeking out successful doctors for decades, watching them, listening to them, learning from them, and I can tell you this – successful doctors do a lot of marketing.

I did too during my 25 years running a super-successful multi-doctor chiropractic office. As I look back now, I wish I would have done even more. Using coupons or offering discounts like Groupon are helpful but there is a lot more to the story that you need to know.

So here are 4 unique marketing tips for doctors that I’m happy to share with you:

1)      Get it correct between your ears. By this I mean you need to understand that great service, excellent skills, and a friendly demeanor may be enough to get by, but if you want to excel then you need to market. This concept is key! Why wouldn’t you want everybody to know about the help you can provide? If you’re self conscious then understand that a big reason to market is more than just seeking profit, it’s because you have an obligation to share your unique God-given talents. So become a marketing maniac, and have fun doing it creatively because that is what people will notice.

2)      Talk, then talk again, then talk more, then talk louder, then talk more meaningfully, then talk more passionately. My point here is that the most economical marketing tool is your voice. Don’t hesitate to spend money and time on improving your communication skills. I took a Dale Carnegie course, and joined Toastmasters among others. Keep perfecting the delivery of your unique message. Develop a brand. My brand is The Down to Earth Doctor and I present two classes – Bible Based Health Care and 4 Steps to Optimum Health- Naturally. Those PowerPoint presentations are available for sale to doctors by clicking HERE.

3)      Write a book. Or at least some articles. It’s a wonderful way to build credibility. It builds trust. And it’s a tremendous confidence booster. I don’t even know how to type and I’ve written several books and articles. Don’t be afraid to get help writing if you need it. You can read more about how I do it by clicking HERE. It’s an article called: Up Close and Personal With Dr Tom Potisk. My ebook specifically for doctors containing over 50 tips that lead to extra-ordinary success, Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors can be purchased securely by clicking HERE.

4)      Stand out. Let your special self shine. Don’t know what your uniqueness is? Just ask some trusted friends, and then accept it. People love people who are sincere, real, at peace, and comfortable in their own skin. Don’t fight who you really are – it’s a gift from God. One of my special talents is creativity. So I designed and built The Giant Parade and Event Spine to help market my practice. It was a blast and a hit in our community’s parade. You can read about the details and even build or buy one by clicking HERE.

Ok doctors, now it’s up to you. I know some of you are saying “Ewwww, if I did any of those things, somebody might see me and say something.” Exactly, that’s  the point!

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