Doctors who are frustrated

Doctors frustrated? With what?

Dr Tom Potisk on a recent hike through a village in Tuscany, Italy

You would think that with the great income, rewarding work of healing people, prestige, education, intelligence, and ego, doctors should be ecstatically exuberant, right?


Doctors are under more pressure and have more responsibilities than never before. If it’s not the malpractice risk, it’s the cost of running a practice, the staff management, the marketing, the paperwork, the insurance payment cut-backs, etc, etc.

And unfortunately, it’s not looking any brighter in the future. The jury is still out on just what exactly the new Health Care Reform bill will mean for most people, but I’d be willing to bet that for doctors, it will amount to higher patient loads, less income, and more paperwork. Sorry docs!

So what’s a doc to do? Quit? Let’s hope not, we need you guys and gals.

I have some better answers. In fact I wrote the book on the subject and it’s called Reclaim the Joy of Practice- An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors. I also provide lectures on the topic to groups of doctors. you can buy the book by clicking here.

You see, I’m a doctor too, and have been for over 25 years. From the start, I recognized the challenges and refused to beat by them. So, I started a journey to find the answers to attaining and maintaining more joy as a doctor. I discovered some incredible things, not from going to seminars, not from books on the subject; no, I learned from both the school of hard knocks and from seeking out and then following doctors that have a lot of joy.

Believe it or not, there really are some doctors that are ecstatically exuberant, even with the same challenges and frustrations that all doctors face.

Dr Tom Potisk receiving his Chiropractor of the Year award

So doc, you need to do something about your frustrations. You don’t have to suffer. And more importantly, doing something to gain more joy will benefit your patients, your family and your practice overall. I can guarantee you this, they all want you to be happy.

Here are 2 items of good news: 1)Your frustrations are not entirely your fault; you just have not been given the proper solutions, 2) It’s not that hard to get the joy you want and should have.

Here are a few words from some delighted doctors:

Dr. Tom Potisk‘s program was fantastic! I laughed, I cried, and I went back to my practice with a new, deeper sense of dedication and confidence. All DCs need to hear his message!” – Dr. Donna Stackpool, Lake Geneva WI

“Reclaim the Joy of Practice was an amazing presentation!  Dr. Potisk made the evening fun and enlightening with great tips on how to stay happy and truly enjoy Chiropractic.  I loved the history references with BJ.  It was a great reminder of how generations past fought for Chiropractic and how we need to honor them and the profession AND continue the passion.  Thanks Dr. Potisk for lighting the fire again!” – Tara Gill DC, Delevan WI

” After 36 years in practice, I’ve heard dozens of great speakers.  Last night Dr. Tom Potisk gave one of the most stirring and compassionate presentations I’ve ever experienced.  I left the room inspired  and with a new  sense of dedication to this great profession.” – Jerry Zelm DC, Oconomowoc WI

Hey doc, what are you waiting for?

By the way, have you seen my other website/blogs?

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