Doctors need to be creative

Doctors should and can be creative.

Dr Potisk designed a giant spine parade costume

All the technologies and advancements are great and a Godsend but doctors need to remember that patients are human beings, yes live flesh, and they need a warm, creative, gentle craftsman type doctor when it comes to fostering real health. Remember Marcus Welby MD? LOL.

I sometimes wonder if doctoring all went to pot when Doogie Houser MD, the braniac, came on the scene. LOL.

Strict procedures, high tech, discipline, and extreme seriousness have their place especially in life threatening or emergency situations. But otherwise, loosen up docs!

I write more extensively about these issues, why they’re important, and how to be a better doctor with them in both my books: Whole Health Healing – The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible For All Ages, and Reclaim The Joy of Practice – An Advanced Guide For Advancing Doctors.

But now lets focus on being creative. Not only is being creative a warmer way to go about doctoring, but in case you haven’t noticed, the usual established procedures don’t always work for every patient – so a doctor has a responsibility to be creative with treatment (just when you thought you have enough responsibilities LOL).

The other consideration about creativity, is that it’s essential in marketing any business including that of a doctor. Yes, creativity is essential because whether you like it or not, the market is always changing, and if you and your practice don’t change, you’ll end up just like Doogie Houser MD – meaning you may grow but you’ll liklely grow out of a job. LOL.

This essential creativity in marketing involves thinking of new ways to better attract and serve your customers. People by nature like changes, they want the new and improved. Now keep in mind I do not mean you should change your core product or identity.

An example is McDonald’s. They added cappuccino, lattes, and espresso to their menu and have prospered handsomely as a result. But they kept their core identity of providing fast, cheap, tasty food.

Doctors need to at least change their decor, remodel, update their bulletin boards, and throw out the old root-bound and/or dusty leafed plants. But better yet, improve and upgrade by adding a new adjunct service that compliments their identity. How about a fresh new modern color for the patient gowns? How about a newly designed office logo? How about a new office theme every month?

A dentist friend wanted to liven things up in his office so he now plays Christmas music on the 25th of every month even in the summer. He said it really got patients talking and even resulted in some referrals.

I went so far as to design and build a giant parade spine, 100 feet long, and haven’t had so much fun with a promotion in years. We were the hit of the parade. This is marketing/PR at it’s finest. I never had so many people pointing at me and smiling since I ripped my pants in grade school. LOL.

Be the hit of your town’s parade

I’ve made that giant spine parade costume, it’s design and procedure, including the measurements, available for anyone interested as free report on this website. Check it out in the opt-in box in the side column – you can receive it as a free download.

So listen docs, you want more joy in your practice? Let ‘er rip when it comes to creativity. You’ll likely prosper as a result.

How can you be more creative?

Don’t forget the tailbone!

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