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Through his books and presentations Dr. Potisk shares his knowledge and experience worldwide, teaching practical self-care health methods people can benefit from immediately. His patients call him “The Down to Earth Doctor” for his easy-going, conversational teaching manner, and his personal holistic lifestyle. Dr. Potisk, a life-long Christian and member of St Marcus Church in Milwaukee WI, is one of America’s leading natural health care practitioners.  Among his many achievements, he was elected Chiropractor of the Year by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association, publishes blogs, authors books, and continues to lecture extensively.  His goal is to improve lives by empowering others to make wiser healthcare decisions. He also teaches doctors across the country on how to reclaim joy in their professional practices while providing excellent care to their patients.

After completing undergraduate studies, Dr. Potisk attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, and earned his Doctorate in 1984.  Since then he has received hundreds of hours of postgraduate training, including becoming certified in nutritional counseling and wellness.  His books and presentations are filled with fascinating, real-life stories glorifying God that never fail to motivate and inspire his audiences.  His extensive travels to remote places include several volunteer medical missions through his membership in the Christian Chiropractors Association, which have added to his unique perspective in health care.  Gardening, outdoor recreation, cooking, family life and Christian studies are among his passions.  He, his wife and three children live holistically on a farm in southern Wisconsin. He often enjoys sharing his family’s secrets to their abundant health.

For the general public, Dr. Potisk has written books titled, Whole Health Healing – The Budget-Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages, and Wellness Wins: A Simple Guide to a Healthier, Happier Life available at  For doctors he has written, Reclaim The Joy of Practice – An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors.

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