Cruise Ship Chiropractic Sinking? Time to Abandon Ship?

Chiropractic economics is changing. Once was a time when a DC could open up shop practically anywhere, give decent service at reasonable rates and cruise along, prospering  with that alone. But no, chiropractic is not going to disappear, and many chiropractors will continue to thrive.

Sure, it may have been easier to be operate a chiropractic practice years ago, but consider that it used to also be easier to operate a grocery store, restaurant, medical office etc back then too. The opportunity for prosperity is not gone it’s just different. Chiropractic is a business and change is essential for survival, just as with any business. Changes usually include how the benefits are communicated, payment options, addressing the needs of consumers, marketing, management and accessibility. The underlying principle that health comes from within, is interfered with by subluxation, and corrected by adjustment can and should  remain the same.

In fact I’ll go further and state that right now there exists more opportunity for Doctors of Chiropractic than ever before. For many, chiropractic salaries are breaking records.  Consider the days gone by when DCs were jailed and accused of practicing without license, or when the AMA was orchestrating their covert plan to eliminate the profession, or when insurances like Medicare did not cover any chiropractic services, or ….well I could go on and on. Those struggles are long gone.

Be inspired by the wonderful things occurring that point to a bright future for chiropractors. For example, the world is embracing the holistic concept of health within which chiropractic is a perfect fit, conventional medicine is struggling because of its abuses with pricing and safety, major entities like professional sports teams and the military are recognizing the benefits of adjustments, and a steady stream of research is showing the evidence.

Dr Reed Phillips, DC. PhD had this to say in his article  Changing Times and the Chiropractic Opportunity

“What we do with our hands and our knowledge of health and disease is a highly desirable service for a large segment of the human family and will never disappear.”- Dynamic Chiropractic – September 23, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 20.

And this video by Palmer College of Chiropractic gives even more validity:

Are there dangers, concerns, hazards and “rocks in the water” so to speak for the chiropractic profession? Of course; and there always have been. So whether you are considering a career in Chiropractic or are a veteran DC, simply keep your eyes on the radar and make appropriate changes to your course of action. Open water lies ahead for chiropractors success!

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Doctors: 4 Tips to Have a Stress Free Profitable Practice

Doctors, stress, and profits; this is the subject matter I recently presented as a speaker at last Saturday’s Three Goals Seminar in Chicago, Ill .

Doctors and herd mentality

I showed the doctors this picture of cattle and I said “You can get very comfortable hanging out with the crowd, getting fat, doing very little, and not taking any chances or attempting to stand out. That is exactly what cattle do – before they are slaughtered!”The applause and laughter shook the room.

But this is no laughing matter. Myself and the other presenters from Petty, Michel, and Associates (PM&A), who organized the Three Goals event, know plenty of doctors who have been slaughtered or are nearing it. These doctors and their practices fail for several reasons. Here are 4 tips to have a stress free profitable practice:

1) Have a Strong Identity. I know it sounds crazy, but many doctors don’t have a clear picture of who they are and what they are supposed to do. This is very prevalent in general practitioners. I teach doctors to look back, both at their original passion for their chosen profession, and at the heritage of their profession. The roots of their identity are found there.

2) Participate in Community Outreach. Many doctors are excellent technically and have tremendous skill to offer people, but then they wonder “Where is everybody?” Referrals from satisfied patients are grand, but not enough these days to drive a thriving practice. Doctors need to engage in ethical community outreach through venues like membership in local service organizations, assisting local charities, teaching  health education classes, or even participating in the local parade.

Chiropractors parade costume

3) Have Organized Systems. Okay, so now that a stream of patients is calling for appointments, what will you do with them? This is where organized systems is critical. Everybody on the doctors team needs to be thoroughly trained and all the systems in place so that a patient calls, comes in, is serviced, and leaves with minimal stress for all involved. I always insisted that every employee had a checklist of duties. They checked off their completed duties and handed in the completed checklist to the office manager who checked it over for completion and then turned it in to me. This way I was always confident, at a glance, that everything was getting done.

4)  Seek Constant Improvement. Benjamin Franklin said “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” A doctor needs to constantly work at improving their technical skills, their communication ability, their management capabilities, and even their physical fitness. I learned a lot from listening to my patients. One very active and exceptionally healthy patient said “You don’t grow old. You turn old when you stop growing.”

These 4 tips are just several important aspects of acquiring and maintaining a thriving practice. I wrote a book that contains about 50 more aspects. The book is called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors. It is available as an ebook and can be ordered securely by clicking HERE.

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