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Modern Chiropractic Report of Findings for the Millennial Generation

Chiropractic report of findings (ROF) are important. Some DCs foolishly stick with their same old ROF style year after year. Although consistency has it’s place and principles don’t change; the truth is that our culture, society, language, and even us, are constantly changing. Chiropractic talk needs to be spoken in a variety of ways.

The chiropractic report of findings, ROF, is a vital component of chiropractic practice management and marketing.

DCs are wise to have several styles/versions of their ROF for differing age groups/circumstances. Here is a modern chiropractic report of findings that is very relevant to the Millennial age group (those born between the late 1970’s and early 2000’s). These folks are also sometimes referred to as Generation Y.

Notice the frequent use of modern words (in bold red).


Dr Potisk’s 21st century Millennial ROF:

“Don’t let your health go over a cliff!

Bailout your accumulated structural damage/neurological deficits and make an epic transformation with daily, then 2-3 X/week adjustments for the next 12 weeks. Then, if you’re interested in continually releasing your communication network to maximize your inborn optimum wellness, reboot your nervous system with an adjustment once per week perpetually. You’re entitled to it! The unsubsidized cost for this is normally $_____, but we are committed to building a team of outrageously healthy families to maximize this community’s potential. So, if you meet the criteria to be a candidate for our special pricing arrangement we call our Green Fee, then you can participate. This value involves a one time investment of just $___________ or $________ per month with a prearranged credit card autodebit. However, to qualify you must contribute to our campaign by referring other team members (at least 2/year), sharing our social media posts, retweeting notices of our in–office workshops, and assisting in at least one of our upcoming Green Planet events (food drive, coat drive, detox class, car wash fundraiser for Haiti, etc.).

Are you on-board with our movement?”


Feel welcome to modify and use this to suit your needs. And by all means, please share your suggestions with the rest of us.

Here are A Few Key Facts About Generation Y/Millennials

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

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New chiropractic advertising book | Chiropractic Marketing Power: 25 Tips to Explode Your Practice Now

A new book for doctors about marketing and advertising for chiropractic practices is in development.

“If your business is not worth advertising, then you should advertise it for sale.” – BJ Palmer

The focus of the book is new patients, patient retention, and patient reactivation/recall to help DCs prosper, thrive, and reach more of their community with the wondrous gift of chiropractic.

Contributions of content are welcome from those with proven products, procedures, systems, and experience with expansion of chiropractic practices.

Chapters include but are not limited to:

  • Why market your practice?
  • External events/promotions
  • Internal events/promotions
  • Social media/internet
  • Community involvement
  • Strategies
  • Patient education
  • Patient reactivation/recall
  • SEO
  • PI Marketing
  • Para-professional Networking
  • Ultimate Spinal Screenings
  • Workshops
  • Direst mail
  • Testimonials
  • Videos

Contributions of content are limited to 500 -1500 words and are welcome to contain links and contact information for purchasing of products and services. Email submissions before the deadline of September 1, 2013 to the author Dr Tom Potisk.

Here is the brief introduction for the book:
Introduction: Chiropractic Marketing Power

I bet you are a lot like me- we hate getting stuck. Whether its stuck waiting for an airplane,  in the snow, in a traffic jam, standing in a slow moving line, or even in some relationships. That frustrating feeling of not going anywhere is the same pain many chiropractors feel with their practices.

Occasionally I meet a DC who seems content with or at least accepting of their level of stagnation, perhaps having maxed out their mastery of their technique, communication, or management skills. But they don’t stay content for long, eventually succumbing to the non-stop forces of inflation and/or competition.

So, what can a doctor do?  Is there a solution to keeping our hard earned reputations and levels of productivity and income from gradually fading? Yep, and it’s done using proven and powerful marketing techniques.

Marketing is to a chiropractic practice like gasoline is to a car. Sure, a car can keep coasting for a while even after running out of gas, and it may even pick up speed if going downhill, but without gas it eventually slows and stops. Likewise, a chiropractic practice can coast sometimes quite nicely especially when the economy or insurance are good, but without consistent and well done marketing it will never attain an unshakeable level of prosperity and thrive perpetually.

There is no shame in ethical marketing.  Why wouldn’t a DC want more people to know what chiropractic and their practice can offer?  There is no doubt that referrals from satisfied patients sustain and grow a practice like nothing else – that’s a given; but consider the concept that relying and depending on just that is darn right selfish!  What about all the other suffering people in your community that may never hear about you or even worse – the beauty of chiropractic health care? And lets not forget that marketing stimulates referrals – sweet!

You and I have an obligation to reach out with our “sacred trust” of chiropractic, not just in our practices but to each and every member of our community. It’s a wonderful gift worthy of sharing.

I invite and challenge you to join me on this journey, not to just build big practices or incomes,  but to someday end our careers with huge smiles knowing that we did all we could to help humanity with the gift we’ve been blessed.

“If your practice is not worth being advertised; then you should advertise it for sale.” – BJ Palmer.

The proven tips in this book have been carefully selected from leading marketing experts.  Read these with excitement and anticipation. Know that implementing even just one will help open opportunities for many more people to learn about you, your practice, and experience the miracles of chiropractic.

Now that is powerful!

-Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. Feel welcome to check out additional Books by Dr Tom Potisk

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Chiropractic Patient Education: A new 5 step, 15 second technique!

Chiropractic patient education is necessary, worthwhile, and vital for a thriving practice. But there are some difficult truths that you must know before you embark on the typical expensive, stressful and time consuming programs offered.

I saw an advertisement in a chiropractic periodical that tells me that if I implement this particular company’s patient education program all my troubles will be solved. I bought it, spending thousands of dollars, and I had to close my office to travel to the seminar. The material was great, very motivating and inspiring to me. Then I find out I have to spend hundreds more to buy this company’s brochures, newsletters, handouts, etc. Even worse,  I find out this is very time consuming to implement in my office. On top of all that I find out that it overwhelms my patients, even driving them away. One guy even asked me “Am I getting indoctrinated into a cult?” Sound familiar?

After 25 years I found a much better solution. It’s far less expensive, involves little or no time, no stress, and patients love it!

I call it Wellness Wins! It’s a handbook for patients. My co-author and I purposely designed it to solve the patient education frustrations we experienced during our 46 years of combined experience as DCs.


The solution is a 5 step technique  I call “4 eyes, 2 sentences and an elbow extension”. It takes exactly 15 seconds!

Step #1) Look your patient squarely in the eyes.

Step #2) Say this “I want to sincerely thank you for trusting me and allowing me to provide your chiropractic care”.

Step #3) Extend your elbow by handing them a crisp copy of the fabulous new patient education handbook Wellness Wins.

Step #4) Say this “Here is a gift – a book that will explain how you can get and stay healthier than you ever thought possible”.

Step #5) Get back to adjusting patients with your special God-given unique talents.

It’s that easy. I’m not kidding. Listen doc, you don’t have time to do more. And I can assure you the patients do not want to hear your rant about conventional medicine, side effects of drugs, universal intelligence, the nervous system, birth trauma causing subluxations, etc. That has all been tried for years and the net result has been an overall decline in chiropractic practices worldwide.

Now, you can certainly add to this by referring to the Wellness Wins chiropractic book during your table talk, asking patients questions about the books content, or giving a lay lecture or class periodically. In fact I have a Wellness Wins PowerPoint presentation available for you if needed.

Here is a peak at theTable of Contents:

Wellness Wins: A Simple Guide to a Healthier, Happier Life

By Dr. Tom Potisk and Dr. Jerry Zelm


Chapter 1…Release your inner healing power

Chapter 2…Lets have some fun

Chapter 3…You are what you eat

Chapter 4…Controlling stress in your life

Chapter 5…Exercise your way to health

Chapter 6…The essentials of sleep

Chapter 7…The dangers of prescription and over the counter drugs

Chapter 8…Control your habits… control your life

Chapter 9… How your faith affects your health

Chapter 10… A new beginning…one step at a time


Recommended Reading

This 46 page handbook teaches your patient everything you want them to know in an easy to understand, entertaining, friendly and inspiring manner.

The handbook and related PowerPoint programs are available by contacting me at or 262-835-1767. I have several purchasing options available to suit any doctors needs.

See more chiropractic books.

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