Giant Spine Parade Costume for 2014 Chiropractic Marketing

The Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume for chiropractic marketing of new patients continues to be a hit in 2014!

It is being successfully utilized in 26 US states, 147 communities and has gone international – Spain, South Africa, and Canada. These chiropractic practices are thriving!

Will you be next to use this unmatched chiropractic marketing tool? Get the free report “GIANT SPINE PURCHASING INFO” in the right sidebar on the HOME PAGE .

chiropractic marketing with a giant spine costume
chiropractic marketing with a giant spine costume


Best chiropractic marketing ever!
Best chiropractic marketing ever!



Use 1 vertebra, 2, 3 or an entire spine costume!
Use 1 vertebra, 2, 3 or an entire spine costume!

How about a dancing spine? FUN!
How about a dancing spine? FUN!

"Lou" the tailbone. Her tail was wagging anyway!
"Lou" the tailbone. Her tail was wagging anyway!

And it fits in your glove compartment!
And it fits in your glove compartment!


We made the front page of our local paper! Ka-Ching!!
We made the front page of our local paper! Ka-Ching!!

Quit Moaning and Start Marching to a Better Practice!

 Tired of the usual new patient chiropractic marketing schemes? Want to be noticed and recognized as “Thee” chiropractor in your community? Looking for a way to “turn some heads” at chiropractic spinal screenings and health fairs? Consider the Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume!

Constructed of lightweight and waterproof foam, each vertebra easily disassembles and flattens in seconds for easy storage and transportation. Every community has one or more parades and the Giant Spine Costume is always a crowd pleaser; many offices that use it report making the local TV news and/or newspaper for added PR; not to mention getting loads of new patients!

Whether you chose to use 1-3 vertebrae at your Patient Appreciation event or spinal screening health fair booth, 4-8 out front at your Open House event, or a full spine in your town’s parade, the Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume really makes a memorable impression and puts you and your office on track for an abundance of new patients!

An instructional DVD is included together with a document called “Tips to get the most from your Giant Spine Costume”

Get your staff involved and it becomes  a fun and productive team builder with memories that will last. Get your patients involved  and you’ll reap the benefits of sustainability. Ka-ching!

“We purchased the Giant Parade Spine for our office’s attendance at a community parade.  The parade crowd loved the costumes! We look forward to using this promotional idea for years and years to come at parades and other community events.“

Elizabeth Brink, Practice Representative, Email: 

“This is the best investment I’ve made in my practice. I’ve used this year after year. Everybody in town knows us now! We were a hit and made the front page news.

Dr Steven Scheuing, South Milwaukee, WI, Email:

Get the free report “GIANT SPINE PURCHASING INFO” in the right sidebar on the HOME PAGE.

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. For dozens more of my unique and proven chiropractic practice management and marketing tips, please read my award winning best book for chiropractors called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: an Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors.


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New chiropractic advertising book | Chiropractic Marketing Power: 25 Tips to Explode Your Practice Now

A new book for doctors about marketing and advertising for chiropractic practices is in development.

“If your business is not worth advertising, then you should advertise it for sale.” – BJ Palmer

The focus of the book is new patients, patient retention, and patient reactivation/recall to help DCs prosper, thrive, and reach more of their community with the wondrous gift of chiropractic.

Contributions of content are welcome from those with proven products, procedures, systems, and experience with expansion of chiropractic practices.

Chapters include but are not limited to:

  • Why market your practice?
  • External events/promotions
  • Internal events/promotions
  • Social media/internet
  • Community involvement
  • Strategies
  • Patient education
  • Patient reactivation/recall
  • SEO
  • PI Marketing
  • Para-professional Networking
  • Ultimate Spinal Screenings
  • Workshops
  • Direst mail
  • Testimonials
  • Videos

Contributions of content are limited to 500 -1500 words and are welcome to contain links and contact information for purchasing of products and services. Email submissions before the deadline of September 1, 2013 to the author Dr Tom Potisk.

Here is the brief introduction for the book:
Introduction: Chiropractic Marketing Power

I bet you are a lot like me- we hate getting stuck. Whether its stuck waiting for an airplane,  in the snow, in a traffic jam, standing in a slow moving line, or even in some relationships. That frustrating feeling of not going anywhere is the same pain many chiropractors feel with their practices.

Occasionally I meet a DC who seems content with or at least accepting of their level of stagnation, perhaps having maxed out their mastery of their technique, communication, or management skills. But they don’t stay content for long, eventually succumbing to the non-stop forces of inflation and/or competition.

So, what can a doctor do?  Is there a solution to keeping our hard earned reputations and levels of productivity and income from gradually fading? Yep, and it’s done using proven and powerful marketing techniques.

Marketing is to a chiropractic practice like gasoline is to a car. Sure, a car can keep coasting for a while even after running out of gas, and it may even pick up speed if going downhill, but without gas it eventually slows and stops. Likewise, a chiropractic practice can coast sometimes quite nicely especially when the economy or insurance are good, but without consistent and well done marketing it will never attain an unshakeable level of prosperity and thrive perpetually.

There is no shame in ethical marketing.  Why wouldn’t a DC want more people to know what chiropractic and their practice can offer?  There is no doubt that referrals from satisfied patients sustain and grow a practice like nothing else – that’s a given; but consider the concept that relying and depending on just that is darn right selfish!  What about all the other suffering people in your community that may never hear about you or even worse – the beauty of chiropractic health care? And lets not forget that marketing stimulates referrals – sweet!

You and I have an obligation to reach out with our “sacred trust” of chiropractic, not just in our practices but to each and every member of our community. It’s a wonderful gift worthy of sharing.

I invite and challenge you to join me on this journey, not to just build big practices or incomes,  but to someday end our careers with huge smiles knowing that we did all we could to help humanity with the gift we’ve been blessed.

“If your practice is not worth being advertised; then you should advertise it for sale.” – BJ Palmer.

The proven tips in this book have been carefully selected from leading marketing experts.  Read these with excitement and anticipation. Know that implementing even just one will help open opportunities for many more people to learn about you, your practice, and experience the miracles of chiropractic.

Now that is powerful!

-Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. Feel welcome to check out additional Books by Dr Tom Potisk

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2013 Book for chiropractor’s practice success, management and marketing | Reclaim the Joy of Practice by Dr Tom Potisk

The best book for doctors especially chiropractors is Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors by Dr Tom Potisk.

You are welcome to take a peek at the contents of this eBook and read about Reclaim the Joy of Practice.

Reclaim the Joy of Practice is a service operated by Dr Tom Potisk. The mission is to empower DCs to gain more growth, income, and stability in their personal and professional lives. Products besides the popular  Reclaim ebook and related eWorkbook/study guide include the unique Wellness Wins patient education booklet with customized PowerPoint program, the inspirational Bible Based Health Care lay lecture with customized PowerPoint program, the powerful Whole Health Healing community lecture program, the outstanding Wellness Wins work-place wellness program, the practice boosting Killer Close new patient conversion script/dialogue, the attention-grabbing Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume, the instructional Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors eBook and its related webinar series. Services offered include Individual coaching and counseling, individual new patient marketing planning and acquisition, and the Prospering with Successful Associates training program.

Dr Tom Potisk, now an Amazon bestselling author, operated a highly successful multi-DC family practice for 25 years, has been elected Chiropractor of the Year by his state association, and has been proclaimed America’s Most Successful Chiropractorby several media sources. He is available as a speaker for chiropractic events.

-for more information contact Dr Tom Potisk at 262-835-176, or Be sure and read Dr Potisk’s latest practice boosting tips at

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Why Asking for Chiropractic Referrals is a Farse – 3 Better Ways to Build a Stellar Practice.

Asking for referrals in a chiropractic practice?


Let me get this straight. If I am your patient, sometime during the course of my care you are going to ask me or even pressure me to tell others about you and your office?

Hah! No wonder you have to resort to asking for referrals. You are irritating, offending and quite likely driving patients away from your practice. Don’t do it!

Let me tell you that I built one of the top chiropractic family practices in the world, with dozens of referrals monthly, and I never asked for a referral  during all of those 25 years. Yep, I never asked for even one, didn’t need to.

I did not have to ask for referrals and neither do you if you do these 3 things:

1)      Be trustable. In our current era, more than ever, the public is seeking professionals they can trust. There has never been a better opportunity to build a monumental practice than right now, and the foundation of that is your integrity. If you are misbehaving in any way, perhaps billing inappropriately, hiding money, prescribing unnecessary services, or involved in an illicit relationship, you are not fooling anybody. Your patients and staff can subconsciously sense it. Your misdeeds will catch up with you if they aren’t already. Manage yourself before you attempt practice management.

2)      Deliver exceptional service. The goal is to inspire your patients to say to their friends, relatives and co-workers “Hey, you’ve got to see my Chiropractor!” This requires you to do things that continually perfect your skills of adjusting, communication, inter-personal relationship building, sincerity, enthusiasm and even loving assertiveness. This is called craftsmanship, and it is chiropractic marketing at it’s best.

3)      Become more comfortable in your own skin. How can you expect people to love you if you don’t fully love yourself?  This requires inflection, self evaluation, persistence, and forgiveness of yourself and others. Seek professional help if necessary. This step is likely the most difficult of the three but is the most valuable. Start by asking somebody you can trust to rate you on your authenticity. Be prepared for the painful truth; and then your denial. As painful as this step maybe, I guarantee you that your patients, staff, and loved ones will appreciate your efforts.

Notice these three steps involve creating a better you. It’s easy to look outward and blame others, the economy, the regulations, or even politics for your lack of success. But I challenge to try looking inward for a change. I started out in practice as nothing less than a “mess”. With time and persistent effort I transformed and excelled beyond my wildest imagination.

I did it; you’re next!

There are several other important things you need to do to thrive. Why reinvent the wheel? Let me tell you exactly the easy –to-implement path I followed in my new book for Chiropractors called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors. I wrote it to help you.

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

PS Be sure and get my free practicing boosting reports on the right sidebar of this website.

PPS Have you seen my other blogs – and

See more chiropractic books.

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Groupon or Coupons: 4 Unique Marketing Tips for Doctors

Groupon or coupons or any kind of advertising? “But I’m a health care professional and if I give excellent service then people will come from far and wide right?” Wrong!

Where is everybody?

Listen, I’ve been seeking out successful doctors for decades, watching them, listening to them, learning from them, and I can tell you this – successful doctors do a lot of marketing.

I did too during my 25 years running a super-successful multi-doctor chiropractic office. As I look back now, I wish I would have done even more. Using coupons or offering discounts like Groupon are helpful but there is a lot more to the story that you need to know.

So here are 4 unique marketing tips for doctors that I’m happy to share with you:

1)      Get it correct between your ears. By this I mean you need to understand that great service, excellent skills, and a friendly demeanor may be enough to get by, but if you want to excel then you need to market. This concept is key! Why wouldn’t you want everybody to know about the help you can provide? If you’re self conscious then understand that a big reason to market is more than just seeking profit, it’s because you have an obligation to share your unique God-given talents. So become a marketing maniac, and have fun doing it creatively because that is what people will notice.

2)      Talk, then talk again, then talk more, then talk louder, then talk more meaningfully, then talk more passionately. My point here is that the most economical marketing tool is your voice. Don’t hesitate to spend money and time on improving your communication skills. I took a Dale Carnegie course, and joined Toastmasters among others. Keep perfecting the delivery of your unique message. Develop a brand. My brand is The Down to Earth Doctor and I present two classes – Bible Based Health Care and 4 Steps to Optimum Health- Naturally. Those PowerPoint presentations are available for sale to doctors by clicking HERE.

3)      Write a book. Or at least some articles. It’s a wonderful way to build credibility. It builds trust. And it’s a tremendous confidence booster. I don’t even know how to type and I’ve written several books and articles. Don’t be afraid to get help writing if you need it. You can read more about how I do it by clicking HERE. It’s an article called: Up Close and Personal With Dr Tom Potisk. My ebook specifically for doctors containing over 50 tips that lead to extra-ordinary success, Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors can be purchased securely by clicking HERE.

4)      Stand out. Let your special self shine. Don’t know what your uniqueness is? Just ask some trusted friends, and then accept it. People love people who are sincere, real, at peace, and comfortable in their own skin. Don’t fight who you really are – it’s a gift from God. One of my special talents is creativity. So I designed and built The Giant Parade and Event Spine to help market my practice. It was a blast and a hit in our community’s parade. You can read about the details and even build or buy one by clicking HERE.

Ok doctors, now it’s up to you. I know some of you are saying “Ewwww, if I did any of those things, somebody might see me and say something.” Exactly, that’s  the point!

If you like what I write you can get all my future posts by clicking on the orange RSS feed.

Got a comment? You can email from the contact button above.

And have you seen my other successful blog sites? – and

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Giant Spine Parade Costume for Chiropractor’s Marketing

A Giant Spine Parade Costume? I bet you thought you’ve heard it all!

Want to order it? Options start as low as $89. Get the details by requesting the free report in the blue box on the  right sidebar of this website.



And it’s a fantastic team building event for your staff!



Otherwise here is the really cool  story:

I want more people to enjoy the significant health improvements that chiropractic care can produce. So, I decided to do more chiropractic marketing. Several new chiropractors had moved into my area within the last few years. It seemed that every place I ran an advertisement for my services, soon I’d see 2 or even 3 similar ads. To make matters worse, the main newspaper in town closed down, as is happening around the country; thus making it difficult for me to reach potential new customers in the community. Sure I had loads of referrals but felt obligated to reach everybody. And you should too!

I tried direct mail marketing, and even made an attempt at telemarketing, but that only lasted until I received a few unpleasant comments from very agitated people.

One Sunday, my pastor gave a remarkable sermon about selfishness. I felt like he was talking directly  to me. I vowed to continue my  focus on helping God’s people. I reminded myself that I became a chiropractor because I wanted to help people with their health, and felt that the chiropractic concept that health comes mostly from within (holistic/vitalistic) is one worth promoting. I decided I would not give up or give-in!

Want this cutting edge marketing tool? I offer several options stating as low as $89. Get the details by requesting the free report in the blue box on the right sidebar of this website.

I believe that every doctor has a duty to market their services and let everybody know what they offer. I explain more about this in my new book for doctors called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors.

Being a creative fellow, I decided to hang in there and find a way I could reach the people in my community inexpensively, respectfully, and in a fun and effective way that no one else had yet attempted. The developer of our chiropractic profession, Dr. BJ Palmer, made 2 great comments about this that I read in his early writings of the 1920’s: 1) “Early to bed, early to rise, work like heck and advertise, will make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” And 2) “If your business is not worth being advertised, then advertise it for sale.”

Dr BJ Palmer

I always liked those statements, so the next morning I woke up with an idea; I’ll dig out the book where I read that to see what else ol’ Dr BJ had to say about advertising. What I found out was quite amazing. It turns out that Dr BJ Palmer was brilliant in many ways but especially when it came to promotion of the rather new chiropractic profession. You see, soon after the profession was founded in 1895, the medical profession began attacking it as they saw their patients not only going to the chiropractors but raving about the results. This new chiropractic concept, that health is within each of us, and one cause of illness is nerve interference from spinal misalignment (vertebral subluxation), blocking one’s innate healing ability, was being targeted for annihilation. Hundreds of chiropractors were being thrown in jail, accused by the MDs  of “practicing medicine without a license,” because there were no chiropractic licenses then; a clever but mean spirited ploy.

Dr Fred Courtney rendering a chiropractic adjustment to his fellow inmate.

BJ countered in the only way he could, reaching out to the masses with creative advertising, like starting the first radio station west of the Mississippi – WHO –“With Hands Only”. He even looked himself creative with his long flowing hair, goatee, and big lacy bowtie – very unusual for his era.

But then I turned the page and I saw what I was looking for. My heart started beating faster, and my hands became moist. I saw an old picture of a giant spine, each vertebra being carried separately as a parade float.  A light bulb shown above me as I realized that the annual parade in my town is a huge event attracting thousands. Aha!

Circa 1925

I knew this would do the trick, but where does one find a giant spine? Not one to give up easily, I called my alma mater Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Sheepishly asking if they had a giant spine, I sat up in my chair when the receptionist said “Yes, we rent it out.”

I was ready to recite my credit card numbers for the $800 rental until she hit me with some bad news, the giant spine was booked for the next 3 Fourth of July’s. On top of that, a semi-trailer type truck was required to transport the behemoth.

Disappointed but not discouraged, I sat down with my sketch pad and pencil. The basic shape was easy, being emblazoned in my mind from 20 plus years of looking at x-rays in my practice, but the material was the dilemma. And I decided my giant vertebra will be able to be broken down into components, for ease of transport and storage. I’m one who believes there is always a better mousetrap.

After considering papier mache, cardboard, molded plastic, and even some dinosaur bones I spotted on Ebay, I ordered a custom made special type of foam. It’s durable, waterproof, bendable, and best of all white just like a vertebra.

With a bit of experimentation and several bandages to cover the cuts on my fingers from the Exacto knife, I devised a vertebra whose components that could all be cut from one sheet of foam, attach together with Velcro and then disassemble to lay flat and an entire spine could fit in back of a mini-van. Voila!

Not surprisingly, the giant spine was the hit of the parade. I’ve never had so many fingers pointing at me since I ripped my pants in grade school! LOL. The crowds especially liked the “tailbone” which was my dog at the back wearing a small vertebra.

“Lou” the tailbone

We made the front page of our local paper!

I made sure everybody in that parade knew the name of my office and where we were located, with a big banner in front of the giant spine, in back, and with my name and location on the pens we handed out along the route.

My patient volume skyrocketed soon after. The finger pointing continued for months as I ran my errands around town, people exclaiming “You’re that chiropractor with that giant spine!” I soon learned to carry a wad of business cards at all times.  That year I treated a record number of patients, and went on to build one of the largest chiropractic offices in the world.  I’ve been the “giant spine chiropractor” in the town’s parade year after year. I’ve had dozens of chiropractors ask me to build it for them, now I enjoy sharing the plans with others, and even making them for DCs, knowing that many more people are learning about the wonderful principle that most health comes from within, and that the nervous system through the spine is what controls it – that’s what we chiropractors focus on to help our patients.


Want this cutting edge marketing tool? I offer several options stating as low as $89. Get the details by requesting the free report in the blue box on the right sidebar of this website.

And then just email me your needs and I’ll send you an invoice- But be forewarned that there is a waiting list developing!

Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk

PS Be sure and check out my Bible-Based Health Care PowerPoint presentation to be used for educating the community.

If you like what I write you can get all my future posts by clicking on the orange RSS feed.

PPS Order before 8/15 and I’ll include a digital copy of my highly acclaimed book for DCs – Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for for Advancing Doctors.

-“Dr Tom Potisk has a remarkable message for chiropractors at all stages of their career. His experiences with a successful multi-DC practice, his awards, his short-term mission chiropractic trips, and his credibility all show in his very motivating books and presentations.”- Dr Victor Strang, Palmer College of Chiropractic.

“What a practical and well written book for Chiropractors! Your integrity shines through. My office is setting records thanks in large part to your information and my joy is soaring. No wonder they call you the best!” – Brian Trautman DC

“ Dr. Tom is the Real Deal. Great book, great doc., great person!” – Ed Petty, PM&A Practice Management

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Business Card Strategies

Business card strategies for doctors are complicated. By business card strategies I mean promotions and marketing.

Marketing is a necessity for any business including doctors. Sure, nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising, but even that is a form of marketing. And there is a method to that too! A decade or two ago it was considered questionable whether or not it was ethical for a doctor to market or advertise their services. Nowadays it’s considered unethical if a doctor does not openly share their abilities.

So yes, doctors should and must market their services, their practices, and themselves.

There was an extremely successful doctor here in Wisconsin, Dr Clarence Gonstead who often bragged that he never spent a dime on advertising.  Upon closer inspection, this doctor had built a state-of-the-art architecturally unique clinic on top of a hill, donated substantially to build a church (containing a plaque with his name), and taught seminars all over the country; excuse me, but that is a lot of advertising/marketing. LOL.

The Gonstaed Clinic in Mount Horeb, WI

And how about doctors who get extremely great results for their patients by rendering extraordinary service, is that advertising? Absolutely!

I work with many doctors. Quite often I notice them searching for the magic bullet, the business card that will miraculously attract patients, the newspaper or yellow page ad that will make their telephone ring, or the social media program that will build a large following. If that describes you, read on!

The best marketing, the kind of marketing that never fails and has the highest return on investment is an improved you, your passion, and your skills. If people like you, what you stand for and what you can do for them, you’ll always have a full practice.

Sure, a marketing strategy should be in place, including a year-long marketing calendar, a staff member delegated to overseeing it, and a budget. But more importantly, a doctor needs to continually work on one’s self. They need to improve their communication abilities, their craftsmanship, their physical fitness, and their knowledge. They need to get ample rest and recreation. And most importantly, they need to get focused on finding and refining their higher purpose.

Dr G O Schmiedel (left) and myself (Dr Tom Potisk), 2 joy-filled doctors.

What do I mean by higher purpose? Quite simply, it’s what you want written about you on your tombstone. LOL! Yep, it’s your legacy.

When you get your life’s mission, your higher purpose clearly defined, then all the other aspects of being a doctor seem to line up, the burdens seem to lessen, and you can really discover joy as a doctor.

My new book, Reclaim the Joy of Practice – An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors, contains over 50 ways to get that joy, the joy that patients want their doctor to have, the joy that people can subconsciously sense and want to be around, the joy that makes a doctor’s success complete. You can order my book by clicking HERE.

Hey doctor, do you have that joy? Don’t practice another day without it!

PS  Have you seen my popular blog/web sites?

For the general public:, and

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Chiropractors who Struggle with Marketing and Management

Doctors, in general are struggling, but not all of them. I know many who are prospering.

I just finished presenting my signature program called Reclaim the Joy of Practice, at a fantastic practice management seminar in Minneapolis put on by the company PM&A (Petty Michel & Associates). Ed Petty and Dave Michel started the chiropractic consulting firm about 25 years ago, and I’m grateful for their help with my practice over the years.

The seminar was top notch, and I would expect nothing less from PM&A. Their integrity and reputation for “all steak but little sizzle” are some of the reasons I was their client for 24 years, and am now working with them. By “little sizzle” I mean there’s no hype and no hidden agendas.

Ed and Dave and now their newest associate consultant Phyllis Fraize, are not chiropractors, but they have as much if not more passion and commitment for the profession than many chiropractors. We are blessed to have them on our side. Thanks gang, I love you for that! Thanks especially for putting up with us bunch of misfits and knuckleheads, some of whom whine way too much.

The whining is at an all time high for some docs, but as I wrote earlier, not for all – and that’s what’s most interesting. Why the contrast? How come some docs are thriving yet some are struggling and even closing up shop? Well, I have some answers.

One of the answers involves identity. The doctors who are thriving, almost universally have a strong chiropractic identity. By identity I mean that they have a concrete solid understanding of what they stand for and what they do. Don’t ever take that for granted. Some of you would benefit from some Chiropractic coaching and counseling on this matter.

And if you try to question them on it like “But what if…?” or “What about ….?” Or “Yeah but have you considered that….?” You’ll find that they’re not offended or annoyed by your skepticism, but they are unshakable. In other words, their faith confidence and belief in what they are doing runs deep. That is definitely a quality to take note of and emulate.

But like most good things, getting and having a strong identity, especially if it runs counter to the norm, or the “worldly way” of doing things, does not come easy or fast. It must be worked at and then maintained. And the chiropractic principle of health, that health is already within, but that it gets hampered by interference in the nervous system by spinal misalignment (subluxation), is definitely a misunderstood concept that runs counter to the “worldly way” of health care.

You can learn more about this health care conflict, and the “worldly way” versus the right, better way to health, in my chiropractic book Whole Health Healing – The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. Getting a thorough understanding of that difference or conflict, and how a doctor must be clear about their role, is a good place to start for doctors who want more  joy and success. Some authorities claim that having and keeping that clear identity, is the key or at least the foundation to it all. In my observations from working in the field of doctoring for 25 years, I agree.

So doctor, if you are wondering why you’re struggling, why it seems that the chiropractic marketing you do and the procedures you follow do not produce the results you want, don’t blame your struggle on the external things around you like the economy or the health care reform changes. No, look inward, deep to your core beliefs, and get that all important identity figured out and secured to a point whereby it’s unshakable. This concept is no different than building a house that can better withstand hurricanes and earthquakes – it needs a great foundation. You do too!

I’ve worked hard on my own identity and benefited significantly as a result. Now I’m reaching out on a grander scale with my newly expanded identity -the “down to earth” doctor. You can take a look at the fun I’m having with that at my other blog site –

This missing link for doctors, strong unshakable identity, is one of several “fixes” I teach in my class. In fact I wrote the book on the subject and it’s called Reclaim the Joy of PracticeAn Advanced Guide For Advancing Doctors. The book contains about 75 “fixes” in addition to that identity issue.

Hey doc, why do you think you’re struggling?

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

PS When you order my book Reclaim the Joy of Practice off of this website , I include some great bonuses! Just click ORDER CHIROPRACTIC BOOK NOW.

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