Are you a “likeable” chiropractor?

The consensus of experts is that “likeability” is an extremely important component of one’s success. This applies not only to political candidates but also Doctors of Chiropractic and their chiropractic practices.

The Washington Post and Fox news recently ran news reports about the likeability of the presidential candidates. NPR even featured an hour long radio broadcast named “The Presidential Race: Does Likeability Matter?

Are you likeable, Mr. or Ms. Chiropractor?

As I consult with and counsel DCs across the nation, I’ve become very aware of the significance of this personal quality.

You might already have guessed that one’s likeability by the public is very much related to one’s like or unlike of self. Sometimes it’s conscious and sometimes it’s subconscious.  This is often not easy to determine.  So, I developed a simple and free self-rating test that I call the Chiropractor’s Success Test.

This comprehensive series of questions is a great self-evaluation tool. DCs have been emailing me their scores, and I’m compiling them for rating one’s self against one’s peers.  The average score is highly surprising and I’ll be happy to share it with you, but I require you to provide your score (kept confidential of course) so that I can continue to increase the sample size and compile a more accurate average.

So, can one improve their likeability? I’m happy to answer with a resounding “YES”, and even more delighted that I’ve seen practices zoom and sore as a result.

How can you improve? I’ve developed a unique process. Here again I’ve made it as easy as possible, providing 3 simple and inexpensive solutions. I call it An Adjustment for a Chiropractor’s Head.

If you’re like most DCs you’ve been battling to build, grow, or perhaps even just maintain your practice. Don’t spend another moment, a dollar, or an ounce of energy on it without becoming more likeable. It’s a winning and proven strategy.

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Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk

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Doctors need to be creative

Doctors should and can be creative.

Dr Potisk designed a giant spine parade costume

All the technologies and advancements are great and a Godsend but doctors need to remember that patients are human beings, yes live flesh, and they need a warm, creative, gentle craftsman type doctor when it comes to fostering real health. Remember Marcus Welby MD? LOL.

I sometimes wonder if doctoring all went to pot when Doogie Houser MD, the braniac, came on the scene. LOL.

Strict procedures, high tech, discipline, and extreme seriousness have their place especially in life threatening or emergency situations. But otherwise, loosen up docs!

I write more extensively about these issues, why they’re important, and how to be a better doctor with them in both my books: Whole Health Healing – The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible For All Ages, and Reclaim The Joy of Practice – An Advanced Guide For Advancing Doctors.

But now lets focus on being creative. Not only is being creative a warmer way to go about doctoring, but in case you haven’t noticed, the usual established procedures don’t always work for every patient – so a doctor has a responsibility to be creative with treatment (just when you thought you have enough responsibilities LOL).

The other consideration about creativity, is that it’s essential in marketing any business including that of a doctor. Yes, creativity is essential because whether you like it or not, the market is always changing, and if you and your practice don’t change, you’ll end up just like Doogie Houser MD – meaning you may grow but you’ll liklely grow out of a job. LOL.

This essential creativity in marketing involves thinking of new ways to better attract and serve your customers. People by nature like changes, they want the new and improved. Now keep in mind I do not mean you should change your core product or identity.

An example is McDonald’s. They added cappuccino, lattes, and espresso to their menu and have prospered handsomely as a result. But they kept their core identity of providing fast, cheap, tasty food.

Doctors need to at least change their decor, remodel, update their bulletin boards, and throw out the old root-bound and/or dusty leafed plants. But better yet, improve and upgrade by adding a new adjunct service that compliments their identity. How about a fresh new modern color for the patient gowns? How about a newly designed office logo? How about a new office theme every month?

A dentist friend wanted to liven things up in his office so he now plays Christmas music on the 25th of every month even in the summer. He said it really got patients talking and even resulted in some referrals.

I went so far as to design and build a giant parade spine, 100 feet long, and haven’t had so much fun with a promotion in years. We were the hit of the parade. This is marketing/PR at it’s finest. I never had so many people pointing at me and smiling since I ripped my pants in grade school. LOL.

Be the hit of your town’s parade

I’ve made that giant spine parade costume, it’s design and procedure, including the measurements, available for anyone interested as free report on this website. Check it out in the opt-in box in the side column – you can receive it as a free download.

So listen docs, you want more joy in your practice? Let ‘er rip when it comes to creativity. You’ll likely prosper as a result.

How can you be more creative?

Don’t forget the tailbone!

By the way, have you seen my other popular blog sites? and

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Chiropractors who Struggle with Marketing and Management

Doctors, in general are struggling, but not all of them. I know many who are prospering.

I just finished presenting my signature program called Reclaim the Joy of Practice, at a fantastic practice management seminar in Minneapolis put on by the company PM&A (Petty Michel & Associates). Ed Petty and Dave Michel started the chiropractic consulting firm about 25 years ago, and I’m grateful for their help with my practice over the years.

The seminar was top notch, and I would expect nothing less from PM&A. Their integrity and reputation for “all steak but little sizzle” are some of the reasons I was their client for 24 years, and am now working with them. By “little sizzle” I mean there’s no hype and no hidden agendas.

Ed and Dave and now their newest associate consultant Phyllis Fraize, are not chiropractors, but they have as much if not more passion and commitment for the profession than many chiropractors. We are blessed to have them on our side. Thanks gang, I love you for that! Thanks especially for putting up with us bunch of misfits and knuckleheads, some of whom whine way too much.

The whining is at an all time high for some docs, but as I wrote earlier, not for all – and that’s what’s most interesting. Why the contrast? How come some docs are thriving yet some are struggling and even closing up shop? Well, I have some answers.

One of the answers involves identity. The doctors who are thriving, almost universally have a strong chiropractic identity. By identity I mean that they have a concrete solid understanding of what they stand for and what they do. Don’t ever take that for granted. Some of you would benefit from some Chiropractic coaching and counseling on this matter.

And if you try to question them on it like “But what if…?” or “What about ….?” Or “Yeah but have you considered that….?” You’ll find that they’re not offended or annoyed by your skepticism, but they are unshakable. In other words, their faith confidence and belief in what they are doing runs deep. That is definitely a quality to take note of and emulate.

But like most good things, getting and having a strong identity, especially if it runs counter to the norm, or the “worldly way” of doing things, does not come easy or fast. It must be worked at and then maintained. And the chiropractic principle of health, that health is already within, but that it gets hampered by interference in the nervous system by spinal misalignment (subluxation), is definitely a misunderstood concept that runs counter to the “worldly way” of health care.

You can learn more about this health care conflict, and the “worldly way” versus the right, better way to health, in my chiropractic book Whole Health Healing – The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. Getting a thorough understanding of that difference or conflict, and how a doctor must be clear about their role, is a good place to start for doctors who want more  joy and success. Some authorities claim that having and keeping that clear identity, is the key or at least the foundation to it all. In my observations from working in the field of doctoring for 25 years, I agree.

So doctor, if you are wondering why you’re struggling, why it seems that the chiropractic marketing you do and the procedures you follow do not produce the results you want, don’t blame your struggle on the external things around you like the economy or the health care reform changes. No, look inward, deep to your core beliefs, and get that all important identity figured out and secured to a point whereby it’s unshakable. This concept is no different than building a house that can better withstand hurricanes and earthquakes – it needs a great foundation. You do too!

I’ve worked hard on my own identity and benefited significantly as a result. Now I’m reaching out on a grander scale with my newly expanded identity -the “down to earth” doctor. You can take a look at the fun I’m having with that at my other blog site –

This missing link for doctors, strong unshakable identity, is one of several “fixes” I teach in my class. In fact I wrote the book on the subject and it’s called Reclaim the Joy of PracticeAn Advanced Guide For Advancing Doctors. The book contains about 75 “fixes” in addition to that identity issue.

Hey doc, why do you think you’re struggling?

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

PS When you order my book Reclaim the Joy of Practice off of this website , I include some great bonuses! Just click ORDER CHIROPRACTIC BOOK NOW.

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