My Latest Chiropractic Marketing Article

Check out my latest Chiropractic marketing article on Linkedin – Your Chiropractic Practice is Doomed

Chiropractic marketing is lacking in most failing practices.

This is why I am an advocate of it. Certainly technical skills and superior patient results are of primary concern. But often marketing is necessary to have a better than average Chiropractic practice.

chiropractic marketing article
chiropractic marketing article

Here is the Introduction from my Chiropractic Marketing Power eBook:

I bet you are a lot like me- we hate getting stuck whether its waiting for an airplane,  in the snow, in a traffic jam, standing in a slow moving line, or even in some relationships. That frustrating feeling of not going anywhere is the same pain many chiropractors feel with their practices.

Sure, occasionally I meet a DC who seems content with or at least accepting of their level of stagnation, perhaps having maxed out their mastery of their technique, communication, or management skills. But they don’t stay content for long, eventually succumbing to the non-stop forces of inflation and/or competition.

So, what can a doctor do?  Is there a solution to keeping our hard earned reputations and levels of productivity and income from gradually fading? Yep, and it’s done using proven marketing techniques.

Marketing is to a chiropractic practice like gasoline is to a car. Sure, a car can keep coasting for a while even after running out of gas, and it may even pick up speed if going downhill, but without gas it eventually slows and stops. Likewise, a chiropractic practice can coast sometimes quite nicely especially when the economy or insurance are good, but without consistent and well done marketing it will never attain an unshakeable level of prosperity and thrive perpetually.

There is no shame in ethical marketing.  Why wouldn’t a DC want more people to know what chiropractic and their practice can offer?  There is no doubt that referrals from satisfied patients sustain and grow a practice like nothing else – that’s a given; but consider the concept that relying and depending on just that is darn right selfish!  What about all the other suffering people in your community that may never hear about you or even worse – the beauty of chiropractic health care?

You and I have an obligation to reach out with our “sacred trust” of chiropractic, not just in our practices but to each and every member of our community. It’s a wonderful gift worthy of sharing.

I invite and challenge you to join me on this journey, not to just build big practices or incomes,  but to someday end our careers with huge smiles knowing that we did all we could to help humanity with the gift we’ve been blessed.  Now that is a lasting purpose!

“If your practice is not worth being advertised; then you should advertise it for sale.” – BJ Palmer.

The proven tips in this book have been carefully selected from leading marketing experts.  Read these with excitement and anticipation. Know that implementing even just one will help open opportunities for many people to learn about you, your practice and experience the miracles of chiropractic.

I hope my latest chiropractic marketing article is of help to you!



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Evidence based medicine – oh really!

Evidence based medicine may be harmful to your well-being.  I could rant here with my opinions but instead I’ll let you read these quotes from medical experts.

Evidence based medicine
Evidence based medicine

Dr Andrew Weil on Evidence Based Medicine:“Medicine has always operated in uncertainty,” says Weil. “The Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress estimated that fewer than 30 percent of procedures currently used in conventional medicine have been rigorously tested. While waiting for further tests, we do the best we can, trying not to hurt people, trying to make educated guesses.”  – Dr Andrew Weil MD, Discover Magazine August 1999

Dr David Eddy on Evidence based medicine: “Only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by scientific evidence…this is partly because only 1% of the articles in medical journals are scientifically sound.” – David Eddy MD, PhD, BMJ 1991 303:798

“It isn’t just an individual study here and there that’s flawed, they charge. Instead, the very framework of medical investigation may be off-kilter, leading time and again to findings that are at best unproved and at worst dangerously wrong. The result is a system that leads patients and physicians astray—spurring often costly regimens that won’t help and may even harm you.” “Even a cursory glance at medical journals shows that once heralded studies keep falling by the wayside.” “Surgical practices, for instance, have not been tested to nearly the extent that medications have. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a large proportion of surgical practice is based on thin air, and [claims for effectiveness] would evaporate if we studied them closely,”  – an excerpt from the January 23, -2011 Newsweek article: Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong.

Dr. Vinay Prasad states: “A large proportion of current medical practice, 40%, was found to offer no benefits in our survey of 10 years of the New England Journal of Medicine.  These 146 practices are medical reversals.  They weren’t just practices that once worked, and have now been improved upon; rather, they never worked. They were instituted in error, never helped patients, and have eroded trust in medicine.”Mayo Clinic Proceedings July 22, 2013

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” – Dr Marcia Angell

So, what can one do? Who can you trust and turn to? Well, aside from life-threatening emergencies, learn to trust your body’s inborn God-given healing ability. That’s why I wrote the book Whole Health Healing: the natural wellness bible for all ages. The book empowers people to take more personal responsibility for their health and wellness. It’s easier, safer, and less costly than you’ve been led to believe.

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Giant Spine Parade Costume for 2014 Chiropractic Marketing

The Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume for chiropractic marketing of new patients continues to be a hit in 2014!

It is being successfully utilized in 26 US states, 147 communities and has gone international – Spain, South Africa, and Canada. These chiropractic practices are thriving!

Will you be next to use this unmatched chiropractic marketing tool? Get the free report “GIANT SPINE PURCHASING INFO” in the right sidebar on the HOME PAGE .

chiropractic marketing with a giant spine costume
chiropractic marketing with a giant spine costume


Best chiropractic marketing ever!
Best chiropractic marketing ever!



Use 1 vertebra, 2, 3 or an entire spine costume!
Use 1 vertebra, 2, 3 or an entire spine costume!

How about a dancing spine? FUN!
How about a dancing spine? FUN!

"Lou" the tailbone. Her tail was wagging anyway!
"Lou" the tailbone. Her tail was wagging anyway!

And it fits in your glove compartment!
And it fits in your glove compartment!


We made the front page of our local paper! Ka-Ching!!
We made the front page of our local paper! Ka-Ching!!

Quit Moaning and Start Marching to a Better Practice!

 Tired of the usual new patient chiropractic marketing schemes? Want to be noticed and recognized as “Thee” chiropractor in your community? Looking for a way to “turn some heads” at chiropractic spinal screenings and health fairs? Consider the Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume!

Constructed of lightweight and waterproof foam, each vertebra easily disassembles and flattens in seconds for easy storage and transportation. Every community has one or more parades and the Giant Spine Costume is always a crowd pleaser; many offices that use it report making the local TV news and/or newspaper for added PR; not to mention getting loads of new patients!

Whether you chose to use 1-3 vertebrae at your Patient Appreciation event or spinal screening health fair booth, 4-8 out front at your Open House event, or a full spine in your town’s parade, the Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume really makes a memorable impression and puts you and your office on track for an abundance of new patients!

An instructional DVD is included together with a document called “Tips to get the most from your Giant Spine Costume”

Get your staff involved and it becomes  a fun and productive team builder with memories that will last. Get your patients involved  and you’ll reap the benefits of sustainability. Ka-ching!

“We purchased the Giant Parade Spine for our office’s attendance at a community parade.  The parade crowd loved the costumes! We look forward to using this promotional idea for years and years to come at parades and other community events.“

Elizabeth Brink, Practice Representative, Email: elizabeth@healingwellchiro.com 

“This is the best investment I’ve made in my practice. I’ve used this year after year. Everybody in town knows us now! We were a hit and made the front page news.

Dr Steven Scheuing, South Milwaukee, WI, Email: sscheuing@hotmail.com

Get the free report “GIANT SPINE PURCHASING INFO” in the right sidebar on the HOME PAGE.

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. For dozens more of my unique and proven chiropractic practice management and marketing tips, please read my award winning best book for chiropractors called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: an Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors.


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New Documentary – Doctored: My Review. Does it make the cut?

I just watched the new movie by Jeff Hays called Doctored: Exposing the Modern Medical Monopoly (formerly called Medical Inc). Mr Hays also holds credit for the documentaries Farenhype9/11 and On Native Soil.

This version I watched of Doctored is known as a ‘Director’s cut”  in Lombard IL. This was a preliminary and un-finalyzed version that timed out at approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

My family joined me for this pre-release screening. I make an effort to bring my family (my wife Susan, Andy 17, Emily 14, and Mike 12) to many of these type events because I enjoy observing their reactions and impressions. I also want them to learn more about my life’s mission/purpose, not to mention the truth about real health care. Overall they enjoy these adventures; although I’ve noticed it helps if I add a promise of ice cream. LOL!

So we walk into the screening room, and I’m immediately greeted by a gentleman who introduces himself and says he is part of the promotional team for the movie and that “We want to get more people into your chiropractic office.” I say “cool!”

We took a seat in the front row for a great view. The dozen or so rows behind us were filling fast. You can see some of my red-heads in the picture below on the lower right corner.

A well known chiropractic warrior –Gilles Lamarche DC (Parker seminars) gave a short introduction.

The health care documentary started with a brief but shocking review of the AMA anti-trust case resolved circa 1984. The old black and white clips of AMA villains like Doyle Taylor and Morris Fishbein were entertaining to me and eye-opening to my family. I’ve told them about that historic Supreme Court verdict ordering the AMA to cease their illegal boycott of the chiropractic profession, but this made it all the more real. My historical novel Sore Throat: Romance, Mystery, and the Near Annihilation of a Beloved Profession tells the dramatic story even better.

Next, dozens of brief interviews are shown with a variety of medical doctors, patients, chiropractors, pharmaceutical sales reps, and para-professionals spelling out the point of this documentary – that conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are essentially corrupt, doing more harm than good in many instances, and are suppressing legitimate, safe, and effective holistic/vitalistic practices like chiropractic.

The stories told are both alarming and shocking. The lessons are enlightening.

The beauty of this particular documentary is that a solution to the problem is made clear. The solution is that the public needs to have the right to learn the truth about what real health is, and then take more personal responsibility for their health. And this is exactly what I advocate and make easy to do in my chiropractic book and patient education handbook Wellness Wins: a Simple Guide to a Healthier, Happier Life. I wrote it for use in both work-place wellness programs, and for chiropractors to give to their patients. A related PowerPoint presentation is also available. I love helping chiropractors gain successful practices

My son Mike said “Hey dad, they should have asked you to be in the film.” I wish I could have been featured in this documentary. I guess they forgot to ask me. Sadly they left out what I’d have been happy to share – some of my favorite quips like:

“The real cause of most death is really suicide by poor lifestyle choices.”

“We need more self care instead of more healthcare.”

“We won’t stop being sick until we stop making ourselves sick.”

And my all time favorite “The only thing man ever really cured is a ham – real health and healing come from within as a gift from God!”

But go see this documentary anyway, and take your family, office staff, and your patients. Holistic doctors like Chiropractors should show the film in their offices and have a party (with healthy snacks of course LOL!) Buy many DVDs and give them out as gifts.

I give this film a thumbs up even without me in it.

In the mean time, go  ahead and use my clever quips; you won’t need to buy any popcorn 😉

Please like and share this article to help spread the word.

Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk

PS Be sure and get my free practicing boosting reports on the right sidebar of this website.

PPS Be sure and take the free DC Success Test at http://www.chirotochiro.com.

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Cruise Ship Chiropractic Sinking? Time to Abandon Ship?

Chiropractic economics is changing. Once was a time when a DC could open up shop practically anywhere, give decent service at reasonable rates and cruise along, prospering  with that alone. But no, chiropractic is not going to disappear, and many chiropractors will continue to thrive.

Sure, it may have been easier to be operate a chiropractic practice years ago, but consider that it used to also be easier to operate a grocery store, restaurant, medical office etc back then too. The opportunity for prosperity is not gone it’s just different. Chiropractic is a business and change is essential for survival, just as with any business. Changes usually include how the benefits are communicated, payment options, addressing the needs of consumers, marketing, management and accessibility. The underlying principle that health comes from within, is interfered with by subluxation, and corrected by adjustment can and should  remain the same.

In fact I’ll go further and state that right now there exists more opportunity for Doctors of Chiropractic than ever before. For many, chiropractic salaries are breaking records.  Consider the days gone by when DCs were jailed and accused of practicing without license, or when the AMA was orchestrating their covert plan to eliminate the profession, or when insurances like Medicare did not cover any chiropractic services, or ….well I could go on and on. Those struggles are long gone.

Be inspired by the wonderful things occurring that point to a bright future for chiropractors. For example, the world is embracing the holistic concept of health within which chiropractic is a perfect fit, conventional medicine is struggling because of its abuses with pricing and safety, major entities like professional sports teams and the military are recognizing the benefits of adjustments, and a steady stream of research is showing the evidence.

Dr Reed Phillips, DC. PhD had this to say in his article  Changing Times and the Chiropractic Opportunity

“What we do with our hands and our knowledge of health and disease is a highly desirable service for a large segment of the human family and will never disappear.”- Dynamic Chiropractic – September 23, 2009, Vol. 27, Issue 20.

And this video by Palmer College of Chiropractic gives even more validity:

Are there dangers, concerns, hazards and “rocks in the water” so to speak for the chiropractic profession? Of course; and there always have been. So whether you are considering a career in Chiropractic or are a veteran DC, simply keep your eyes on the radar and make appropriate changes to your course of action. Open water lies ahead for chiropractors success!

Please share this story to inspire others.

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

PS Be sure and get my free practicing boosting reports on the right sidebar of this website.

PPS Have you seen my other blogs – www.thedowntoearthdoctor.com and www.wholehealthhealing.com?

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The 3 Critical Actions DCs Must Take to Protect Themselves From the Paterno Effect.

For the benefit of the Chiropractic Profession, please share this link with your DC friends by either tweeting it, posting it on Facebook, or emailing it.

Thank you sincerely!

If you have not become familiar with The Joe Paterno Effect on chiropractic practices yet, it’s important that you learn about it.

Here are the 3 critical actions that are likely the most important practice management and chiropractic marketing steps you’ll ever make:

1)      Clean up your act. If you are misbehaving in any manner, you must stop immediately. This includes inappropriate relationships, doctoring of your records, hiding money, creative accounting to avoid taxes, inappropriate billing, providing services outside the scope of your license, and anything else that may be of significant risk to you.  And do what you can to right the wrongs you’ve already done.  It may even be necessary to confess to the appropriate authorities before the situation gets any worse. If your misdeeds are serious ones, then consider consulting an attorney first.

2)       Be a beacon of trust. Start building credibility through sincere participation in your community’s wellbeing, and then keep it up. This may include charity work, membership and activity  in civic organizations, leadership, sponsoring a local sports team, donations or personal assistance to non-profits, and even relenting with a refund when someone is unhappy with your service. The fact is that people are watching you, and your actions will determine whether they are praising you or cursing you. This  action also benefits your personal growth. This is essential to be a doctor who is happy.

3)      Contribute positive content on the web. This will help to bury or minimize unpleasant content someone else may publish about you whether deserved or not. Your contributions can be through a holistic health blog, content to article bases like ezine.com and selfgrowth.com, submitting press releases, posting informative videos on youtube.com, and pitching news releases to the media. The goal is to have many positive references appear whenever your name is searched on the internet. I’ve published dozens of holistic health articles. And check out the 40 plus  videos I produced on my DownToEarthDoctor Youtube channel.

I suggest doing numbers 2 and 3 even if your life and practice are relatively flawless. It can’t hurt to have some levels of protection in place at all times.

Also, let’s admit that it is our duty and responsibility to call out those around us that we see jeopardizing both their reputation and the chiropractic profession’s. Often it’s best to approach them privately and with sincerity. This is difficult so start gently with the words “I’m concerned that…..”

In this era of increased vulnerability, it’s vital that DCs take these 3 actions seriously, and act upon them quickly.

Once again, if you have not shared the link already, please do so now. I’d be willing to bet you care about other DCs and our profession.

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

PS Be sure and get my free practicing boosting reports on the right sidebar of this website.

PPS Have you seen my other blogs – www.thedowntoearthdoctor.com and www.wholehealthhealing.com?

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Chiropractic Patient Education: A new 5 step, 15 second technique!

Chiropractic patient education is necessary, worthwhile, and vital for a thriving practice. But there are some difficult truths that you must know before you embark on the typical expensive, stressful and time consuming programs offered.

I saw an advertisement in a chiropractic periodical that tells me that if I implement this particular company’s patient education program all my troubles will be solved. I bought it, spending thousands of dollars, and I had to close my office to travel to the seminar. The material was great, very motivating and inspiring to me. Then I find out I have to spend hundreds more to buy this company’s brochures, newsletters, handouts, etc. Even worse,  I find out this is very time consuming to implement in my office. On top of all that I find out that it overwhelms my patients, even driving them away. One guy even asked me “Am I getting indoctrinated into a cult?” Sound familiar?

After 25 years I found a much better solution. It’s far less expensive, involves little or no time, no stress, and patients love it!

I call it Wellness Wins! It’s a handbook for patients. My co-author and I purposely designed it to solve the patient education frustrations we experienced during our 46 years of combined experience as DCs.


The solution is a 5 step technique  I call “4 eyes, 2 sentences and an elbow extension”. It takes exactly 15 seconds!

Step #1) Look your patient squarely in the eyes.

Step #2) Say this “I want to sincerely thank you for trusting me and allowing me to provide your chiropractic care”.

Step #3) Extend your elbow by handing them a crisp copy of the fabulous new patient education handbook Wellness Wins.

Step #4) Say this “Here is a gift – a book that will explain how you can get and stay healthier than you ever thought possible”.

Step #5) Get back to adjusting patients with your special God-given unique talents.

It’s that easy. I’m not kidding. Listen doc, you don’t have time to do more. And I can assure you the patients do not want to hear your rant about conventional medicine, side effects of drugs, universal intelligence, the nervous system, birth trauma causing subluxations, etc. That has all been tried for years and the net result has been an overall decline in chiropractic practices worldwide.

Now, you can certainly add to this by referring to the Wellness Wins chiropractic book during your table talk, asking patients questions about the books content, or giving a lay lecture or class periodically. In fact I have a Wellness Wins PowerPoint presentation available for you if needed.

Here is a peak at theTable of Contents:

Wellness Wins: A Simple Guide to a Healthier, Happier Life

By Dr. Tom Potisk and Dr. Jerry Zelm


Chapter 1…Release your inner healing power

Chapter 2…Lets have some fun

Chapter 3…You are what you eat

Chapter 4…Controlling stress in your life

Chapter 5…Exercise your way to health

Chapter 6…The essentials of sleep

Chapter 7…The dangers of prescription and over the counter drugs

Chapter 8…Control your habits… control your life

Chapter 9… How your faith affects your health

Chapter 10… A new beginning…one step at a time


Recommended Reading

This 46 page handbook teaches your patient everything you want them to know in an easy to understand, entertaining, friendly and inspiring manner.

The handbook and related PowerPoint programs are available by contacting me at tpotisk@aol.com or 262-835-1767. I have several purchasing options available to suit any doctors needs.

See more chiropractic books.

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Marketing and Advertising for Chiropractors: 3 Critical Tips

Marketing and advertising in a chiropractic practice is a necessity. But before you spend thousands of dollars, there are several considerations.

Is your practice a bit slow? Where is everybody, you wonder? You’re not alone; many Chiropractors are struggling with the same issue – lower patient volume. (AKA you’re hens are not clucking. Read on to understand.)

Hens and patients both “cluck” under the right circumstances!

But that’s no reason to avoid taking action. Just because many doctors are hurting doesn’t mean you have to also.

Your choice of actions might be increasing your practice promotions/marketing, or adding new services, taking a survey, increasing your involvement in the community, or even retraining your staff. These are all good and necessary at times, but let’s look a bit deeper. Let’s do a bit of soul searching to see if maybe, just maybe there is a source of the practice’s lackluster performance that can more permanently and more significantly be altered. Dealing with these foundational issues will make any marketing or advertising you do  far more effective.

#1 – So, where should you look? In the mirror. Did your insides just go into a spin? “Me, little ol’ me?” you might whimper. For many docs, this is a difficult consideration.

An extra dose of ego comes with our doctor diplomas you know.

Earth to doctor: It’s likely you, yep you that needs the deeper, more significant change. If your staff just read this they would applaud right now. If your patients just read this they would both applaud and, and…. well they would keep applauding.

Now don’t freak out, get angry, throw your arms up, or even raise any more denial than you already feel. Just take a few deep breaths, relax, and consider that perhaps yes, as hard as it is to believe, you yourself may be the biggest road block in the practice.

#2 – Brace yourself now, I’m not through with you yet – here’s the next tough question “Do you really love these patients of yours? Do you even really like these patients?”

Hello, hello, are you still there?

Take the time to sincerely ask yourself these questions, and better yet take action to improve yourself, and doctor, you’ll have a world class practice. It’s not easy to look inward like this but it’s worth it.

About 10 years ago, I found myself in the situation of having a struggling practice. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off (don’t worry I won’t show a picture of one) as I attempted to increase production thru staff training, more marketing etc.

My staff were about ready fly the coop from the office tension I created. (Sorry, for the chicken references, I raise my own in my backyard. That’s one of several reasons I’m known as the “down to earth” doctor.)

Finally, after having enough frustration, I looked inward; self evaluated, and was shocked to discover that the problem was mostly me. For years I had gradually been shifting my focus from one of loving service to one of critical judgement.  Sure, it was partly due to the frustrations with rapid changes in insurance coverage, regulations and malpractice fears, but still it was ultimately me that allowed myself to loose the loving service mentality so important for a doctor’s success. I was actually resenting most of the patients!

So, with much effort, I began to dig myself out of that dreadful hole by first realizing what a true honor it is when a fellow human comes and asks for help. When you really think about it, that act of submitting themselves, of trusting you, trusting to the point of even taking off their clothes for you and then submitting to probing, prodding, feeling  and examining ,some times in intimate places (professionally of course), is an honor taken for granted far too often.

#3 – And lastly, are you trustable? A dentist not far from my office, Dr. Foley, was interviewed and honored in the local newspaper for 50 years of practice. I sent him a congratulatory note. He wrote back with these words “It’s all about trust. When the patients trust us, all the work we do is worthwhile.”

I saved that note. That note is what helped turn my attitude and my practice around.

I started seeing patients as valuable unique creations of God; that the trust the patients had for me was a tremendous gift from God not to be taken for granted.

It didn’t matter if the patient appeared ugly, stupid, cheap, arrogant, or even smelled bad – all that mattered was that they came and they trusted and they wanted my help. They were deserving not only of my liking, and my best service, but of my love; doing so is one of the best ways you and I can glorify God. All the frustrations that come with being a doctor like practice management, license regulations, and insurance processing will then seem miniscule.

Doctor, do you love or even like each and every patient you have? And when patients do come in to your office, can they really trust you? I suspect God will bless you with abundance of success if you take a close look at yourself and work towards being able to answer “Yes, most definitely!”

And your patients and staff will cluck like hens laying eggs!

The rewards from happy chickens and patients are worthwhile.

I love helping Chiropractors thrive. That’s why I rote a book based on my observations from 25 years running a very successful multi-DC practice – it’s an ebook called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors. You can order it securely by clicking HERE. It contains 134 pages and over 50 practical and easy to implement tips to produce the practice success you want.

Be sure and get the free reports I offer on the right side of this website.

Feel welcome to contact me by clicking the contact button up at the top. I’d love to hear from you.

Lastly, click the RSS button to receive all my free practice building articles in the future.

Wait! have you seen my other popular blogs? For the general public – http://www.wholehealthhealing.com and http://www.tompotisk.com

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Giant Spine Parade Costume for Chiropractor’s Marketing

A Giant Spine Parade Costume? I bet you thought you’ve heard it all!

Want to order it? Options start as low as $89. Get the details by requesting the free report in the blue box on the  right sidebar of this website.



And it’s a fantastic team building event for your staff!



Otherwise here is the really cool  story:

I want more people to enjoy the significant health improvements that chiropractic care can produce. So, I decided to do more chiropractic marketing. Several new chiropractors had moved into my area within the last few years. It seemed that every place I ran an advertisement for my services, soon I’d see 2 or even 3 similar ads. To make matters worse, the main newspaper in town closed down, as is happening around the country; thus making it difficult for me to reach potential new customers in the community. Sure I had loads of referrals but felt obligated to reach everybody. And you should too!

I tried direct mail marketing, and even made an attempt at telemarketing, but that only lasted until I received a few unpleasant comments from very agitated people.

One Sunday, my pastor gave a remarkable sermon about selfishness. I felt like he was talking directly  to me. I vowed to continue my  focus on helping God’s people. I reminded myself that I became a chiropractor because I wanted to help people with their health, and felt that the chiropractic concept that health comes mostly from within (holistic/vitalistic) is one worth promoting. I decided I would not give up or give-in!

Want this cutting edge marketing tool? I offer several options stating as low as $89. Get the details by requesting the free report in the blue box on the right sidebar of this website.

I believe that every doctor has a duty to market their services and let everybody know what they offer. I explain more about this in my new book for doctors called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors.

Being a creative fellow, I decided to hang in there and find a way I could reach the people in my community inexpensively, respectfully, and in a fun and effective way that no one else had yet attempted. The developer of our chiropractic profession, Dr. BJ Palmer, made 2 great comments about this that I read in his early writings of the 1920’s: 1) “Early to bed, early to rise, work like heck and advertise, will make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” And 2) “If your business is not worth being advertised, then advertise it for sale.”

Dr BJ Palmer

I always liked those statements, so the next morning I woke up with an idea; I’ll dig out the book where I read that to see what else ol’ Dr BJ had to say about advertising. What I found out was quite amazing. It turns out that Dr BJ Palmer was brilliant in many ways but especially when it came to promotion of the rather new chiropractic profession. You see, soon after the profession was founded in 1895, the medical profession began attacking it as they saw their patients not only going to the chiropractors but raving about the results. This new chiropractic concept, that health is within each of us, and one cause of illness is nerve interference from spinal misalignment (vertebral subluxation), blocking one’s innate healing ability, was being targeted for annihilation. Hundreds of chiropractors were being thrown in jail, accused by the MDs  of “practicing medicine without a license,” because there were no chiropractic licenses then; a clever but mean spirited ploy.

Dr Fred Courtney rendering a chiropractic adjustment to his fellow inmate.

BJ countered in the only way he could, reaching out to the masses with creative advertising, like starting the first radio station west of the Mississippi – WHO –“With Hands Only”. He even looked himself creative with his long flowing hair, goatee, and big lacy bowtie – very unusual for his era.

But then I turned the page and I saw what I was looking for. My heart started beating faster, and my hands became moist. I saw an old picture of a giant spine, each vertebra being carried separately as a parade float.  A light bulb shown above me as I realized that the annual parade in my town is a huge event attracting thousands. Aha!

Circa 1925

I knew this would do the trick, but where does one find a giant spine? Not one to give up easily, I called my alma mater Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Sheepishly asking if they had a giant spine, I sat up in my chair when the receptionist said “Yes, we rent it out.”

I was ready to recite my credit card numbers for the $800 rental until she hit me with some bad news, the giant spine was booked for the next 3 Fourth of July’s. On top of that, a semi-trailer type truck was required to transport the behemoth.

Disappointed but not discouraged, I sat down with my sketch pad and pencil. The basic shape was easy, being emblazoned in my mind from 20 plus years of looking at x-rays in my practice, but the material was the dilemma. And I decided my giant vertebra will be able to be broken down into components, for ease of transport and storage. I’m one who believes there is always a better mousetrap.

After considering papier mache, cardboard, molded plastic, and even some dinosaur bones I spotted on Ebay, I ordered a custom made special type of foam. It’s durable, waterproof, bendable, and best of all white just like a vertebra.

With a bit of experimentation and several bandages to cover the cuts on my fingers from the Exacto knife, I devised a vertebra whose components that could all be cut from one sheet of foam, attach together with Velcro and then disassemble to lay flat and an entire spine could fit in back of a mini-van. Voila!

Not surprisingly, the giant spine was the hit of the parade. I’ve never had so many fingers pointing at me since I ripped my pants in grade school! LOL. The crowds especially liked the “tailbone” which was my dog at the back wearing a small vertebra.

“Lou” the tailbone

We made the front page of our local paper!

I made sure everybody in that parade knew the name of my office and where we were located, with a big banner in front of the giant spine, in back, and with my name and location on the pens we handed out along the route.

My patient volume skyrocketed soon after. The finger pointing continued for months as I ran my errands around town, people exclaiming “You’re that chiropractor with that giant spine!” I soon learned to carry a wad of business cards at all times.  That year I treated a record number of patients, and went on to build one of the largest chiropractic offices in the world.  I’ve been the “giant spine chiropractor” in the town’s parade year after year. I’ve had dozens of chiropractors ask me to build it for them, now I enjoy sharing the plans with others, and even making them for DCs, knowing that many more people are learning about the wonderful principle that most health comes from within, and that the nervous system through the spine is what controls it – that’s what we chiropractors focus on to help our patients.


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Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk

PS Be sure and check out my Bible-Based Health Care PowerPoint presentation to be used for educating the community.

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“ Dr. Tom is the Real Deal. Great book, great doc., great person!” – Ed Petty, PM&A Practice Management

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Craftsmanship for Doctors – Part 2

Craftsmanship for doctors, again?  Yep! It’s an important and often overlooked aspect of being an excellent doctor.

You can read part 1 by clicking HERE.

It’s a vital component of the joy every doctor needs for a fulfilling career.

Craftsman style house designed by Gustav Stickley, known as "The Craftsman"

As I go around the country speaking to groups and promoting my new book Reclaim the Joy of Practice– An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors, I love asking credible authorities this question “What do doctors need to get and keep more joy in their practice?” One of the consistent answers I get is that doctors need to put more emphasis on their skill and art (craftsmanship).

The craftsmanship is suffering because doctors are under more pressure and have more responsibilities than ever before. My friend Ed Petty, co-owner of the country’s best practice management consulting firm called Petty, Michel and Associates (PM&A); likes to tell doctors “Give your patients your best and delegate the rest!” That’s great advice, and to give patients the best service, doctors need to continually refine and improve their skills.

Ed Petty from PM&A practice management

For years it was thought that many extraordinary experts like Tiger Woods, Einstein, Beethoven, and even Yoyo Ma were child prodigies, naturally born talented people. But investigators noticed a common thread when looking back at their histories – they spent an extraordinary amount of time practicing their skill. And they continued to refine their skills throughout their life.

So, this constant quest for improvement is one of the tools that will bring a doctor closer to being a craftsman.

Craftsmanship is the basic human impulse to do a job well for its own sake, it involves developing skills and focusing on the work rather than ourselves.  The key words are “developing” and “ourselves”. The “developing” part means repetition and perseverance. The “ourselves” part means that we don’t do it selfishly – we work towards being craftsman because it will benefit our higher purpose. For doctors the higher purpose is to help people with their health. The material rewards will follow.

Zig Ziglar, the world famous motivational speaker loves to repeat “You can get anything you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

One of several ways I’ve enjoyed refining my own skills is to seek out and follow true “craftsman like” doctors. I share my observations of those doctors I call “giants” in Chapter 1 of my book Reclaim the Joy of Practice. You can order the eBook securely by clicking HERE.

I taught a class called Craftsmanship for Doctors at a recent PM&A seminar in Boston recently. In the class were doctors of all experience levels. One of the docs had been practicing for nearly 50 years and he said that every doctor needs to continually strive for more skill. After all those years in practice, one might think that he would either know it all or gave up trying. But no, he went on to explain that he feels joy with the mere act of learning for the benefit of his patients. Amazingly good statement that we all need to emulate!

So doctor, are you a craftsman (or craftswoman)? I posted a short Doctor’s Self Test for Craftsmanship on the discussion page of my Facebook fan page. You can access it and evaluate yourself for free at this link.


If you’re not already a fan, just click “like” and the test will be available for you at the link.

And then get to work!

By the way, have you seen my other popular blog sites for the general public?



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