Chiropractic jobs ranks 34 in CareerCast’s Top 200 Jobs of 2014

Chiropractic jobs ranks  number 34 of 200 popular occupations in 2014 according to

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Chiropractor ranks 34 in CareerCast’s Top 200 Jobs of 2014

I’ve got  Chiropractic jobs having been a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic for 30 plus years and now am a chiropractic consultant. I agree its a rewarding and satisfying choice. Just think about it – great salary and compensation, excellent work environment, comfortable work hours,  no holiday work, rarely called on emergencies, unmatchable customer satisfaction, professional respect, and relatively low malpractice insurance premiums compared to medical jobs. Choosing a Chiropractic job is smart.

The one weak spot is job opportunity. This is because most Chiropractors want to be independent and desire their own practice.

I help people get and keep Chiropractic jobs with my coaching and consulting service called Reclaim the Joy of Practice. In fact I wrote the book Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An advanced guide for advancing doctors.

Chiropractic jobs
Chiropractic jobs

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