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Business card strategies for doctors are complicated. By business card strategies I mean promotions and marketing.

Marketing is a necessity for any business including doctors. Sure, nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising, but even that is a form of marketing. And there is a method to that too! A decade or two ago it was considered questionable whether or not it was ethical for a doctor to market or advertise their services. Nowadays it’s considered unethical if a doctor does not openly share their abilities.

So yes, doctors should and must market their services, their practices, and themselves.

There was an extremely successful doctor here in Wisconsin, Dr Clarence Gonstead who often bragged that he never spent a dime on advertising.  Upon closer inspection, this doctor had built a state-of-the-art architecturally unique clinic on top of a hill, donated substantially to build a church (containing a plaque with his name), and taught seminars all over the country; excuse me, but that is a lot of advertising/marketing. LOL.

The Gonstaed Clinic in Mount Horeb, WI

And how about doctors who get extremely great results for their patients by rendering extraordinary service, is that advertising? Absolutely!

I work with many doctors. Quite often I notice them searching for the magic bullet, the business card that will miraculously attract patients, the newspaper or yellow page ad that will make their telephone ring, or the social media program that will build a large following. If that describes you, read on!

The best marketing, the kind of marketing that never fails and has the highest return on investment is an improved you, your passion, and your skills. If people like you, what you stand for and what you can do for them, you’ll always have a full practice.

Sure, a marketing strategy should be in place, including a year-long marketing calendar, a staff member delegated to overseeing it, and a budget. But more importantly, a doctor needs to continually work on one’s self. They need to improve their communication abilities, their craftsmanship, their physical fitness, and their knowledge. They need to get ample rest and recreation. And most importantly, they need to get focused on finding and refining their higher purpose.

Dr G O Schmiedel (left) and myself (Dr Tom Potisk), 2 joy-filled doctors.

What do I mean by higher purpose? Quite simply, it’s what you want written about you on your tombstone. LOL! Yep, it’s your legacy.

When you get your life’s mission, your higher purpose clearly defined, then all the other aspects of being a doctor seem to line up, the burdens seem to lessen, and you can really discover joy as a doctor.

My new book, Reclaim the Joy of Practice – An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors, contains over 50 ways to get that joy, the joy that patients want their doctor to have, the joy that people can subconsciously sense and want to be around, the joy that makes a doctor’s success complete. You can order my book by clicking HERE.

Hey doctor, do you have that joy? Don’t practice another day without it!

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