Bible Based Chiropractic Marketing Presentation

Bible Based Chiropractic marketing is a fantastic PowerPoint presentation using Biblical quotes about health.

This is a presentation I created for the general public under my brand The Down to Earth Doctor.

I had published several articles about practice management and clinical competence over the years; so the next logical step was to author a book for the general public, and develop a patient education program that chiropractors can use to attract and retain more patients.  I looked closely at the many holistic health books on the book store shelves, and became even more motivated upon noticing that most of them are written poorly by either celebrities or “medical defectors” with little or no formal training or experience in holistic health. I also noticed that all of the patient education programs leave out the most important element – God!

Click here for The Bible Based Health Care PowerPoint presentation info.

Bible Based Chiropractic Marketing
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