Why Asking for Chiropractic Referrals is a Farse – 3 Better Ways to Build a Stellar Practice.

Asking for referrals in a chiropractic practice?


Let me get this straight. If I am your patient, sometime during the course of my care you are going to ask me or even pressure me to tell others about you and your office?

Hah! No wonder you have to resort to asking for referrals. You are irritating, offending and quite likely driving patients away from your practice. Don’t do it!

Let me tell you that I built one of the top chiropractic family practices in the world, with dozens of referrals monthly, and I never asked for a referral  during all of those 25 years. Yep, I never asked for even one, didn’t need to.

I did not have to ask for referrals and neither do you if you do these 3 things:

1)      Be trustable. In our current era, more than ever, the public is seeking professionals they can trust. There has never been a better opportunity to build a monumental practice than right now, and the foundation of that is your integrity. If you are misbehaving in any way, perhaps billing inappropriately, hiding money, prescribing unnecessary services, or involved in an illicit relationship, you are not fooling anybody. Your patients and staff can subconsciously sense it. Your misdeeds will catch up with you if they aren’t already. Manage yourself before you attempt practice management.

2)      Deliver exceptional service. The goal is to inspire your patients to say to their friends, relatives and co-workers “Hey, you’ve got to see my Chiropractor!” This requires you to do things that continually perfect your skills of adjusting, communication, inter-personal relationship building, sincerity, enthusiasm and even loving assertiveness. This is called craftsmanship, and it is chiropractic marketing at it’s best.

3)      Become more comfortable in your own skin. How can you expect people to love you if you don’t fully love yourself?  This requires inflection, self evaluation, persistence, and forgiveness of yourself and others. Seek professional help if necessary. This step is likely the most difficult of the three but is the most valuable. Start by asking somebody you can trust to rate you on your authenticity. Be prepared for the painful truth; and then your denial. As painful as this step maybe, I guarantee you that your patients, staff, and loved ones will appreciate your efforts.

Notice these three steps involve creating a better you. It’s easy to look outward and blame others, the economy, the regulations, or even politics for your lack of success. But I challenge to try looking inward for a change. I started out in practice as nothing less than a “mess”. With time and persistent effort I transformed and excelled beyond my wildest imagination.

I did it; you’re next!

There are several other important things you need to do to thrive. Why reinvent the wheel? Let me tell you exactly the easy –to-implement path I followed in my new book for Chiropractors called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors. I wrote it to help you.

Practice on,

Dr Tom Potisk

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