The 3 Critical Actions DCs Must Take to Protect Themselves From the Paterno Effect.

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If you have not become familiar with The Joe Paterno Effect on chiropractic practices yet, it’s important that you learn about it.

Here are the 3 critical actions that are likely the most important practice management and chiropractic marketing steps you’ll ever make:

1)      Clean up your act. If you are misbehaving in any manner, you must stop immediately. This includes inappropriate relationships, doctoring of your records, hiding money, creative accounting to avoid taxes, inappropriate billing, providing services outside the scope of your license, and anything else that may be of significant risk to you.  And do what you can to right the wrongs you’ve already done.  It may even be necessary to confess to the appropriate authorities before the situation gets any worse. If your misdeeds are serious ones, then consider consulting an attorney first.

2)       Be a beacon of trust. Start building credibility through sincere participation in your community’s wellbeing, and then keep it up. This may include charity work, membership and activity  in civic organizations, leadership, sponsoring a local sports team, donations or personal assistance to non-profits, and even relenting with a refund when someone is unhappy with your service. The fact is that people are watching you, and your actions will determine whether they are praising you or cursing you. This  action also benefits your personal growth. This is essential to be a doctor who is happy.

3)      Contribute positive content on the web. This will help to bury or minimize unpleasant content someone else may publish about you whether deserved or not. Your contributions can be through a holistic health blog, content to article bases like and, submitting press releases, posting informative videos on, and pitching news releases to the media. The goal is to have many positive references appear whenever your name is searched on the internet. I’ve published dozens of holistic health articles. And check out the 40 plus  videos I produced on my DownToEarthDoctor Youtube channel.

I suggest doing numbers 2 and 3 even if your life and practice are relatively flawless. It can’t hurt to have some levels of protection in place at all times.

Also, let’s admit that it is our duty and responsibility to call out those around us that we see jeopardizing both their reputation and the chiropractic profession’s. Often it’s best to approach them privately and with sincerity. This is difficult so start gently with the words “I’m concerned that…..”

In this era of increased vulnerability, it’s vital that DCs take these 3 actions seriously, and act upon them quickly.

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