April 2015

Chiropractic Practice Resuscitation – CPR

Chiropractic Practice Resucitation? What’s that?

You’re here because you want your Chiropractic practice to grow. I’m here to help.

chiropractic practice
chiropractic practice

You’ll find tips in this website on of the following topics:

Staff management.

Patient retention.

Chiropractic marketing.

Technical skills.

Financial management/Investing.

Associate doctors.


Starting a new practice.

Doctor burnout.

Patient Education.

Vacation/time off.

Report of Findings.

And more.

I have a knack for teaching these topics in a simplistic and easy to implement style. My aim is to help you get your chiropractic practice to the level of prosperity you desire and deserve. For now, take a look around this website and at some of my previous articles. As I consult with chiropractors around the country I find many need CPR- Chiropractic Practice Resuscitation.

Chiropractic practice can be a challenge in today’s environment of insurance and regulation changes, malpractice risk, poor work ethics of employees, and marketing competition. When Chiropractors call me I start by having them complete a brief Chiropractor Success Test and this usually reveals the challenges that need immediate action.

Your success is inevitable with the correct actions.

I did it; and you can be next!


Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. Feel welcome to email me your specific questions – tpotisk@gmail.com




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