September 2013

Chiropractor Banned from Chicago Headquarters

Here is my latest adventure concerning my soon to be released chiropractic patient education book Sore Throat: Mystery, Romance, and the Near Annihilation of a Beloved Profession.

Chiropractor banned
Chiropractor banned

Chiropractor banned!

So, I’m on vacation in downtown Chicago with my wife and 3 kids recently, and we happen to be walking down State Street. Suddenly I spot a sign indicating that we are standing in front of the American Medical Association (AMA) national headquarters. Being in the final stages of the writing of a consumer education/historical novel about the AMA vs Chiropractors anti-trust trial ( I titled it Sore Throat), I can’t help but want to enter and seek further details. Upon sending my family up the street to shop, I walk into the lobby and explain to the receptionist that I’m an author with some questions about the 1980’s landmark trial, and was hoping to connect with someone who was employed here at the time. And that I’m  retired from practice and now mentoring and advising Chiropractors about chiropractic practice management and marketing.

With squinting, suspicious eyes she points to a leather sofa and tells me to have a seat after writing down my name. After several minutes of sitting and watching her making telephone calls while glancing at me, I notice an escalator to my left and soon see a series of old, bent over men in trench coats riding down and quickly exiting the building. My imagination runs wild, as I contemplate that perhaps those are ‘the guys’ ; that these men were somehow involved and are now escaping because they heard I was here. Who knows?

Squirming in my seat to hold back my chuckle, and wishing I’d of brought my Flip-Cam to record this surreal scene, out steps a mountain of a man at the top of the escalator. The giant in a black suit pauses at the top while staring at me then lifts his Walkie-Talkie and whispers something into-it before beginning his descent. He maintains his steely eye contact all the way down. Give me a break!

Wondering if I should get up and run, he then slowly strides toward me while keeping his hand on his hip where the quick-draw Walkie-Talkie is now clipped to his belt, reminding me of a scene from a Clint Eastwood Western. Go ahead; make my day!

“Tell me again, who are you and why are you here?” he growls as I sit in his shadow.

After taking a huge swallow, I explain again my hope to ask some questions, learn their perspective, and gain more insight about they’re loss of the Supreme Court trial for my book. “Mainly I’d like to know what has changed since?”.

I’m suddenly enthused when he asks me to stand up and walk with him, but then am led to the exit and politely but sternly told “Nobody here can, nor wants to help you. Now please leave these premises”. Chiropractor banned.

My question was answered.

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