2013 Book for chiropractor’s practice success, management and marketing | Reclaim the Joy of Practice by Dr Tom Potisk

The best book for doctors especially chiropractors is Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors by Dr Tom Potisk.

You are welcome to take a peek at the contents of this eBook and read about Reclaim the Joy of Practice.

Reclaim the Joy of Practice is a service operated by Dr Tom Potisk. The mission is to empower DCs to gain more growth, income, and stability in their personal and professional lives. Products besides the popular  Reclaim ebook and related eWorkbook/study guide include the unique Wellness Wins patient education booklet with customized PowerPoint program, the inspirational Bible Based Health Care lay lecture with customized PowerPoint program, the powerful Whole Health Healing community lecture program, the outstanding Wellness Wins work-place wellness program, the practice boosting Killer Close new patient conversion script/dialogue, the attention-grabbing Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume, the instructional Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors eBook and its related webinar series. Services offered include Individual coaching and counseling, individual new patient marketing planning and acquisition, and the Prospering with Successful Associates training program.

Dr Tom Potisk, now an Amazon bestselling author, operated a highly successful multi-DC family practice for 25 years, has been elected Chiropractor of the Year by his state association, and has been proclaimed America’s Most Successful Chiropractorby several media sources. He is available as a speaker for chiropractic events.

-for more information contact Dr Tom Potisk at 262-835-176, or email:tpotisk@aol.com. Be sure and read Dr Potisk’s latest practice boosting tips at http://www.reclaimthejoy.com.

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