February 2012

Successful chiropractor

Successful chiropractor. Woweee! I feel honored but also uncomfortable.

Today I was given that title for the 4th time by 4 different credible chiropractic media sources. Up until today I was planning on letting it all kind of slide under the table. My friend and popular chiropractic speaker Phyllis Frase calls me a “Quiet giant.”

But my uncomfortableness  is eased by the thought that this honorable title is an opportunity to help more DCs. And that is really my aim, to help chiropractors attain and enjoy at least some of the success I have. I hope at least some will surpass me.

So, between that and the incessant urging by several of my friends to speak out and share my observations and experiences, I’ve stepped out into the limelight for a bit. I hope you’ll benefit from my wisdom as a successful Chiropractor.

Below are a few interviews that can give you some insight about why they are calling me the top dog. Pay close attention to the common threads in these, notice the simplicity, and ask yourself what changes you can implement in your chiropractic marketingchiropractic practice management, chiropractic patient education, and personal growth as a doctor.

Much of what you’ll hear is what I teach as a motivational chiropractic speaker, and what I write about in my book Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors. Some are calling this “the best book for chiropractors“. Others are saying it’s written by a successful Chiropractor; either way – thank you!

Successful chiropractor
Successful chiropractor

I did it; you’re next!

Practice on!

Dr Tom Potisk


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