October 2011

Best Book for Doctors Including Chiropractors

The best doctor’s eBook for more joy and success is called Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors.

And for a limited time, I’m including 2 bonuses: the Workbook/Study Guide and the unique document How to Get Your Foot in the Door for More Presentations and Screenings with the purchase!


I’m the author, Dr Tom Potisk, but it’s not just me who is saying it’s the best book; I hear the praise  frequently from those who read it or from those who listen to my presentations about it. Thanks gang!

Here a few testimonials and endorsements:

“Dr. Tom’s program and book is fantastic! I laughed, I cried, and I went back to my practice with a new, deeper sense of dedication and confidence. All doctors need to hear his message!” – Dr. Donna Stackpool, Lake Geneva WI

“Reclaim the Joy of Practice was an amazing presentation!  Dr. Potisk made the evening fun and enlightening with great tips on how to stay happy and truly enjoy Chiropractic.  I loved the history references with BJ.  It was a great reminder of how generations past fought for Chiropractic and how we need to honor them and the profession AND continue the passion.  Thanks Dr. Potisk for lighting the fire again!” – Tara Gill DC, Delevan WI

” After 36 years in practice, I’ve heard dozens of great speakers.  Last night Dr. Tom Potisk gave one of the most stirring and compassionate presentations I’ve ever experienced.  I left the room inspired  and with a new  sense of dedication to this great profession. His book, Reclaim the Joy of Practice is right on the mark and the best book for doctors!” – Jerry Zelm DC, Oconomowoc WI

After 25 years as an ultra-successful chiropractor operating a busy multi-DC  family practice, I sat down to write this book with one goal in mind – to help other doctors, especially Doctors of Chiropractic be successful so they in turn can help more patients.

As I conversed with and coached many DCs across the country I noticed some recurring issues with marketingpatient management, staff management, marketing, liability, self-confidence, stress and professional burn-out, financial management, communication difficulties, and retirement struggles. I mastered all those issues and thrived with the solutions I developed. I’m happy to share those solutions with others.

The book was quite easy to write because it’s all true, easy-to-implement, and proven. My last sentence at the end of the conclusion is “I did it; you’re next!”I believe any doctor can enjoy the same success I’ve had by learning and using this information.

Don’t practice another day without this!


Here is a peak at the Table of Contents so you can see what “I did”:

Introduction 3

1. Invent Thyself 6
Following giants
Cert or squirt
Action steps

2. Heal Thyself 14
Exercise can be fun not work
Exercises to avoid
Enjoying eating
Fresh foods/gardening
Food recommendations
Structure based healthcare
Are you an Eeyore or a Tigger?
Get the big idea
Action Steps

3. Disconnect Thyself 68
Become a vacation expert
Quickie escapes
Really relax
Delegate to escape
Action Steps

4. Protect Thyself 79
Build a large fan base
Be open minded
Invest like a kindergartner
Action Steps

5. Anchor Thyself 90
Control with a purpose
Strengthen your foundation
Temperaments/body types/tones
Identify and act
Love your fellow mankind
Action steps

6. Fortress Thyself 102
Building trust
Over deliver
Patient centered
Pour on the Coals
The A-OK approach
Reinvent yourself regularly
Action steps

7. Express Thyself 112
Present time consciousness
Reach and withdraw
Blow your horn
Build bridges not tunnels
Patient of the month
Office newsletter
Action steps

8. Withdraw Thyself 121
See the end first
Do not ever stop working/learning
Retire in practice
Don not burn any bridges
Share your experience
Maintain your wellbeing
Super seniors
Action steps

Conclusion 135
Common Q & A 137
3 Unique Marketing and Promotional Ideas 139
Chiro-to-Chiro mentoring/consulting 155
Research 156
Bio – Dr. Tom Potisk 156
The Chiropractor’s Prayer 157

-copyright 2010 Dr Thomas Potisk

Hey doctor, will you be next?

“My practice and joy are soaring after reading this eBook, thanks!” – Brian Trautman DC

And for a limited time, I’m including 2 bonuses: the Workbook/Study Guide and the unique document How to Get Your Foot in the Door for More Presentations and Screenings with the purchase!


Be sure and get the 3 free practice boosting reports I offer on the right side of the page.

Practice On!

Dr Tom Potisk

P.S.And see even more chiropractic books here.

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