January 2011

Parker Seminars: Why Chiropractors Need to Attend

I just returned home from another Parker seminar. Wow! Double wow!

I’ll never forget how a doctor once told me, when I first considered attending a Parker seminar, that those gatherings are for losers; for doctors who can’t build a decent practice. Ha! I’m glad I have the gift of good discernment. I went anyway and thrived as a result. That misguided doctor is still struggling!

For those of you not familiar, Parker seminars, founded in 1951 by James W. Parker, DC, is still one of the world’s largest chiropractic seminar organizations. When you attend, you learn to use the tools you need to establish a profitable business, regardless of the current economic climate. Additionally, you learn to create healthy patient relationships, effectively communicate chiropractic, stay inspired to deliver patient-centric care, and truly own the essence of chiropractic. You learn techniques to manage and market your practice, increase your confidence, gain a patient’s trust and open the door to their healing, and to develop relationships encouraging patients to make chiropractic their primary health care choice. Together, you and your CAs learn to create exceptional patient experiences, and operate an efficient, effective, and profitable practice.

Experts are always on hand to teach business concepts and procedures enabling you to attract and better serve more patients, and help more people discover the benefits of chiropractic care for their overall health and well being.

Wayne Dyer was a recent speaker at the Parker seminar.

After an event loaded with practical tools and inspiration from Parker Seminars, you can return to your practice and deliver quality healthcare to increased volumes of people. Here you will discover how to become your community’s health expert.

I’ve been to many of the Parker events over the years. At their most recent one in Las Vegas, I volunteered to assist in teaching the class How the Pros Get New Patients. I had a blast sharing some of my practice building tips from my 25 years running a multi-DC family practice. You can read a synopsis of my tips in a short article posted on my Facebook fan page discussions by clicking HERE. Also, be sure and get the 4 free practice building articles I offer on the right side of this website.

Myself and Dr Jim Sigafoose

I hope to someday do more teaching at future Parker seminars. I want to help doctors prosper by telling them how I managed to balance my life, while raising a family, adjusting hundreds of patients every week,  managing staff, training associates, writing books, and traveling the world on voluntary medical mission trips. If I did it so can you! There is a process and you need to learn it.

Not only do I benefit from both learning and sharing at these Parker events, but I’ve built some wonderful relationships, and have been able to rub elbows with some very prominent members of our profession, and even some celebrities,  developing networking opportunities that are crucial for optimum success. Dr Jim Sigafoose is a Parker favorite!

Myself and football hall-of famer Jerry Rice at the Parker event.

One of the Parker principles is about sharing. It’s crucial that each of us use our unique God given talents to help others, both our fellow doctors and the general public. That’s the Parker message we can all benefit from. I’m planning my next trip to another Parker seminar. Come on down!

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