Reclaim The Joy Of Practice - An Advanced Guide For Advancing Doctors.

Doctors face more responsibilities than ever before. The demands of licensing boards, insurance companies, patients and even new technologies easily draws doctors away from their role as loving, caring healers. This book leads doctors on a journey of joy, capturing all the benefits that can and should come with being a doctor. Your patients will appreciate the improved you.

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New Gonstead book review


Gonstead book review

Gonstead book review.

This Gonstead book review starts with my own story. As a student at Chiropractic college in the mid 1980’s, I was in awe of the unique natural approach to health as taught there. The Chiropractic principles that we each are self-healing, have our own inner doctor and that a free flowing nervous system is critical to optimum health were refreshing and enlightening to me, a former pre-med student.

But nothing peaked my interest more than the stories I was hearing of a Chiropractor who had built a world-wide following of patients seeking his sometimes miraculous care, worked 7 days a week seeing hundreds of patients weekly, built a monstrous sized clinic, and all done in an obscure tiny town called Mount Horeb, WI. Those who knew this DC personally told me he also wore wildly colorful shoes, knew spinal anatomy like the back of his hand, and claimed his only hobby was “helping people”.

This man was Dr Clarence Gonstead, already deceased by the time I learned of him. But the stories of this Chiropractor and his accomplishments seemed larger than life.

I was told he had to build both a hotel and airport next to his clinic to accommodate patients who came from far and wide, and that he himself had an airplane and when time permitted, would fly it to house calls. Some said he owned a huge silver Cadillac limousine, reportedly rejected by Elvis, and used it …

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Chiropractic Philanthropy at The Gonstead Clinic

Chiropractic philanthropy is wonderful and rewarding.

Many of us Chiropractors have enjoyed tremendous success and want to give back to the profession, ensuring Chiropractic’s place as a significant and necessary component of the health care system.

I’ve been a Chiropractor for nearly 34 years and am currently serving as the volunteer President of the CS Gonstead Chiropractic Foundation. This 501c3 non-profit Foundation owns and operates the world-renowned Gonstead Clinic in Mount Horeb, WI.  Myself and the volunteer Board of Directors aim to restore and preserve this important Chiropractic Landmark for 3 reasons:

1. The Gonstead Clinic needs to stand as a shining example of a DCs ultra-success to motivate all Chiropractors.

2. The Gonstead Clinic needs to stand as a stable foundation, a corner stone, a “Rock-of-Gibraltar” symbol of hands-on, full spine, specific detection and adjusting of Vertebral Subluxation.

3. The Gonstead Clinic has been the Chiropractic equivalent of “The Mayo Clinic” , and will continue to serve patients with the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic.

Watch and listen to this brief and highly motivating interview as Dr Barbara Eaton interviews Dr Tom Potisk regarding the Chiropractic Philanthropy going at the Gonstead Clinic in Mount Horeb, WI.

Chiropractic Philanthropy at Gonstead Clinic

Watch Video here – Dr Barbara Eaton interviews Dr Tom Potisk 


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Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic Restoration

The Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, an important historical landmark, is currently undergoing restoration and preservation.

Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic window repair


“Ok, so what’s going on here?”

Its a question I’m asked frequently about this Gonstead Guardians fundraising campaign. I don’t blame you for asking; I’m skeptical of many fundraisers myself. But I can assure you nobody is profiting. In fact myself as President of the non-profit Foundation, the Board of Directors, and all our beloved army of helpers are all volunteers. We recognize the importance of saving this Chiropractic landmark.

Gonstead Chiropractic complex


Regardless of one’s technique, DCs need to understand the legacy Dr Gonstead left behind. DD Palmer was no doubt the discoverer of Chiropractic, and BJ the developer, but it’s hard to deny that Clarence Gonstead was “The Chiropractor”. His accomplishments are stellar.We’ve lost too many important Chiropractic history landmarks already such as The Ryan Building, Clearview Sanitarium, Spears Chiropractic Hospital, etc. Join us in the restoration and preserving this legacy and clinic as a shining example of ultra-success all Chiropractors can aspire to. 

Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic restoration

All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please make it your goal to visit the clinic. The staff would be happy to arrange a tour for you. It is located at 1505 Springdale St, Mt Horeb, WI 53572. The clinic hours are 7 …

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My Latest Chiropractic Marketing Article

Check out my latest Chiropractic marketing article on Linkedin – Your Chiropractic Practice is Doomed

Chiropractic marketing is lacking in most failing practices.

This is why I am an advocate of it. Certainly technical skills and superior patient results are of primary concern. But often marketing is necessary to have a better than average Chiropractic practice.

chiropractic marketing article

Here is the Introduction from my Chiropractic Marketing Power eBook:

I bet you are a lot like me- we hate getting stuck whether its waiting for an airplane,  in the snow, in a traffic jam, standing in a slow moving line, or even in some relationships. That frustrating feeling of not going anywhere is the same pain many chiropractors feel with their practices.

Sure, occasionally I meet a DC who seems content with or at least accepting of their level of stagnation, perhaps having maxed out their mastery of their technique, communication, or management skills. But they don’t stay content for long, eventually succumbing to the non-stop forces of inflation and/or competition.

So, what can a doctor do?  Is there a solution to keeping our hard earned reputations and levels of productivity and income from gradually fading? Yep, and it’s done using proven marketing techniques.

Marketing is to a chiropractic practice like gasoline is to a car. Sure, a car can keep coasting for a while even after running out of gas, and it may even pick up speed if going downhill, but without gas it eventually slows …

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Chiropractic Practice Resuscitation – CPR

Chiropractic Practice Resucitation? What’s that?

You’re here because you want your Chiropractic practice to grow. I’m here to help.

chiropractic practice

You’ll find tips in this website on of the following topics:

Staff management.

Patient retention.

Chiropractic marketing.

Technical skills.

Financial management/Investing.

Associate doctors.


Starting a new practice.

Doctor burnout.

Patient Education.

Vacation/time off.

Report of Findings.

And more.

I have a knack for teaching these topics in a simplistic and easy to implement style. My aim is to help you get your chiropractic practice to the level of prosperity you desire and deserve. For now, take a look around this website and at some of my previous articles. As I consult with chiropractors around the country I find many need CPR- Chiropractic Practice Resuscitation.

Chiropractic practice can be a challenge in today’s environment of insurance and regulation changes, malpractice risk, poor work ethics of employees, and marketing competition. When Chiropractors call me I start by having them complete a brief Chiropractor Success Test and this usually reveals the challenges that need immediate action.

Your success is inevitable with the correct actions.

I did it; and you can be next!


Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. Feel welcome to email me your specific questions –




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Blow the Roof Off Your Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic practice success made simple, fun and inexpensive.

Chiropractic practice success campaign

Several years ago I devised a plan to significantly expand my Chiropractic practice. I labeled it the Blow the Roof Off campaign. It worked so well that my practice seemed to be propelled with a velocity that was virtually unstoppable. Was it magic, a new technique, cut-rate prices, or just plain luck?  No, but it was a combination of  ethical Chiropractic marketing and management actions and procedures, laid out with planning, teamwork, great guidance, commitment, and persistence.

My Blow the Roof Off Your Chiropractic Practice project is reproduce-able for other Chiropractors. I’ve refined it and tuned it over the years to suit any Chiropractors objectives. Some DCs want to sell and retire from Chiropractic practice, some want associates, some want a higher volume of patients and more income. The needs vary so I offer several options of Chiropractic marketing and management.

Take a look at my catalog of products and services. Let me know what you want by emailing

Blow the Roof Off Your Practice Success Catalog


Dr Tom Potisk

P.S. I did it; and you can be next!

-“Dr. Tom’s program was fantastic! I laughed, I cried, and I went back to my practice with a new, deeper sense of dedication and confidence. All DCs need to hear his message!” – Dr. Donna Stackpool, Lake Geneva WI

-“Reclaim the Joy of Practice was an amazing presentation!  Dr. Potisk made …

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Chiropractic jobs ranks 34 in CareerCast’s Top 200 Jobs of 2014

Chiropractic jobs ranks  number 34 of 200 popular occupations in 2014 according to

See the details by clicking the link here:

Chiropractor ranks 34 in CareerCast’s Top 200 Jobs of 2014

I’ve got  Chiropractic jobs having been a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic for 30 plus years and now am a chiropractic consultant. I agree its a rewarding and satisfying choice. Just think about it – great salary and compensation, excellent work environment, comfortable work hours,  no holiday work, rarely called on emergencies, unmatchable customer satisfaction, professional respect, and relatively low malpractice insurance premiums compared to medical jobs. Choosing a Chiropractic job is smart.

The one weak spot is job opportunity. This is because most Chiropractors want to be independent and desire their own practice.

I help people get and keep Chiropractic jobs with my coaching and consulting service called Reclaim the Joy of Practice. In fact I wrote the book Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An advanced guide for advancing doctors.

Chiropractic jobs

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Evidence based medicine – oh really!

Evidence based medicine may be harmful to your well-being.  I could rant here with my opinions but instead I’ll let you read these quotes from medical experts.

Evidence based medicine

Dr Andrew Weil on Evidence Based Medicine:“Medicine has always operated in uncertainty,” says Weil. “The Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress estimated that fewer than 30 percent of procedures currently used in conventional medicine have been rigorously tested. While waiting for further tests, we do the best we can, trying not to hurt people, trying to make educated guesses.”  – Dr Andrew Weil MD, Discover Magazine August 1999

Dr David Eddy on Evidence based medicine: “Only about 15% of medical interventions are supported by scientific evidence…this is partly because only 1% of the articles in medical journals are scientifically sound.” – David Eddy MD, PhD, BMJ 1991 303:798

“It isn’t just an individual study here and there that’s flawed, they charge. Instead, the very framework of medical investigation may be off-kilter, leading time and again to findings that are at best unproved and at worst dangerously wrong. The result is a system that leads patients and physicians astray—spurring often costly regimens that won’t help and may even harm you.” “Even a cursory glance at medical journals shows that once heralded studies keep falling by the wayside.” “Surgical practices, for instance, have not been tested to nearly the extent that medications have. “I wouldn’t be surprised if a large proportion of surgical practice is …

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Chiropractic marketing products

Chiropractic marketing products are abundant but risky. Here are some of my unique and proven Chiropractic marketing and management products. These are being used successfully world-wide. Some have made the bestseller list. Woohoo!

Chiropractic marketing products Best marketing ever!

Giant spine You would love the attention the Giant Spine and Parade Costume gets! Many DCs report that this was the best Chiropractic marketing they have ever done. Plus it is a tremendous team builder for your staff, making lasting memories. Reclaim cover 5  chiropractic marketing power book  cover Wellness Wins bookThe Wellness Wins book is an excellent patient education tool! Some docs give these to every new patient, some hand them out at Screening events, and some donate them to local community libraries.

Foot in the door 6 Providing presentations in your community can produce many new patients and here is how to get in the door! There is a proven technique I developed and you’ll see results as quick as you implement it.Killer Close satisfaction G

Many Chiropractors tell me they get people to their presentations but don’t convert many to new patients. The Killer Close is …

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Chiropractic economics: 3 tips about profits and expenses

Chiropractic economics in 2014. Chiropractic practice expenses are increasing nation-wide resulting in reduced profits. Ouch!

That was the common thread I heard being discussed at a recent continuing education (CE) seminar. Chiropractors both new and veteran expressed concern and dismay. But there is hope!

chiropractic economics

After chatting with these many DCs I became reminded of several basic business concepts. These must be addressed regularly for any chiropractic economics issues.

1) The basic business formula for success never varies. It is high volume plus low overhead equals high profit. For a chiropractic practice this translates into the necessity for the DC to constantly be striving to attend to more patients at less cost. The trick here is to do so without compromising quality of service. I’ve observed that this can be done easier than most Chiropractors believe. The solution is best found by having a third person (chiropractic practice consultant, coach, or guide) view the practice procedures and make recommendations. Usually, it comes down to simply streamlining and better organizing the practice’s systems. It makes for good chiropractic economics. The barrier is usually the doctor and their narrow-minded view of how things need to run. Can you let go of at least some of your barriers doctor? You’d be amazed at the profits to be had with a few simple alterations.

2) Improving the profits by increasing volume and cutting expenses needs to be a team effort. The doctor needs to call his employees together. …

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Reclaim The Joy Of Practice - An Advanced Guide For Advancing Doctors.

Doctors face more responsibilities than ever before. The demands of licensing boards, insurance companies, patients and even new technologies easily draws doctors away from their role as loving, caring healers. This book leads doctors on a journey of joy, capturing all the benefits that can and should come with being a doctor. Your patients will appreciate the improved you.

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